Saturday, 21 December 2013

Christmas Nails - Santa Hats

Well hello lovely people. I really can't believe how quick this challenge has gone! With only one more after this, the one I have been looking forward to doing out of all the themes. Anyway back to today's Santa Hat nail art. Only two colours for this one, Pride of London in Metallic Green and Technic in Pillar Box.

With two coats of Metallic green on my nails and totally dry, I taped off a triangle section with masking tape, and painted it with Pillar Box, while still wet I pulled off the tape. I was expecting a straight edge, but happily it was a bit wobbly looking, and I think it makes the hat more realistic.

A bit pointed at the top, but I was covering that with white polish. I also wanted to make the detail on the hat look 3D. So I used my white flocking powder.
What do you think?

Something simple, yet effective and festive :) and I love them! 
Well not long to the big day itself, and the last theme in a few days. Be prepared for something very Bling lol :) till then, stay safe and warm....

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  1. Great Santa hats so cute too :) love the metallic green xxxxx

  2. I love the result of this santa manicure :)

    It's perfect for christmas!

    1. Thank you, I think the flocking powder makes a difference to the hats :) x

  3. omg super cute christmas patterns on your nails!

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    RASSP blog