Friday 27 December 2013

End of the Year Review

This is a first for me and I wasn't expecting to do a end of year blog post, but I wanted to look back at some of my favourite nail designs I did throughout the year. Even though I only starting blogging at the end of April, I will include photos of my manicures from the beginning of 2013. So lets start... I apologise for some of my photos lol....


Layla Holographic- Ultra Violet
Stained Glass Window
Eyeshadow nails with freehand stripes
Freehand Fairy Wings

Rainbow nails with black scribble water marble
Matte vs gloss

Two toned pink 
Freehand tropical flowers
Newspaper nails


Rock chick nails

One stroke flowers
Splat stamping

Although I was doing my nails way before I started blogging and only posting photos to facebook, I didn't occur to me what was in the background when I was taking the photo's, as I was only concentrating on my nails lol, as you will see with the following bunch of my favourite manicures, as from this point in the year I had started my blog :) and was more aware of having a nicer background!!


Freehand flowers
Animal Print


Patchwork Nails
Puzzle nails


Flower water marble
Nail sticker and matte

Freehand roses


Oldy worldy nails

Lace tip nails


Metallic polish stamping
Barry M gelly stamping
Water Decals


Rainbow Flames
Breast Cancer Awareness
Glow in the dark Frankenstein 


Remembrance Day Nails
Children in need nails
Dr Who Nails
F1 Nails


Winter scene

Freehand Reindeer

Present nails
Christmas Bling
I hope you enjoyed looking through these photo's, just a selection of my fav's throughout this year. Looking forward to see what 2014 holds for me and my family.
Thank you to everyone for your support and comments and to you all I say this:

Stay safe and much love :)


  1. Hello fellow nail polish lover! I simply admire how long your nails are. I can only hope mine will be half of those someday. I have been fascinated with your nail splat art using a stamping plate. Can you tell me the brand and stamping plate number for the splat look please? Have a Happy New YEAR!

    1. Hello, thank you for your lovely comment. The splat was done with Konad m21 plate. Wishing you a Happy New Year too :) xx