Sunday 4 August 2013

New Stamping Plates

New 2013 D Series Stamping Plates

I was so impressed how fast these stamping plates from a HongKong seller on ebay took to be delivered, that I just had to share them with you :) 4 days! Yes just 4 days, to say super speedy is an understatement. I was looking for a zip design, when I came across these on ebay, only wanted the one with the zip design on it, but they came in a bundle of 6 plates for £8.99 and free delivery. Slowly the other design began to grow on me, so I ordered them! After the shock of how quick they came, looking at them they were even more awesome in my hands than on my pc screen lol.

D4, D5, D6, D10, D11, D12

So today I decided to stamp each design from each plate, to see how well they stamped. Once I removed the blue protective plastic film, which took me a while lol, I noticed that on plate D5  the zip design, the one I was mainly after, some of the smaller images hadn't been etched properly! But overall I'm still happy with them. To stamp them I used Barry M magnetic polish in 326 Dark Silver.

This polish stamps so well, like most magnetic and metallic polishes do. So you don't necessarily need special stamping polish. 

Overall the images stamp well, I'm sure with some if I used too much polish, or just stamping on paper made them not come out so well. D5 the plate I ordered these for was a bit disappointing :( not just for some no being properly etched, but no matter what way a scraped the polish, I still ended up with it take too much off the end design to stamp. I will keep trying with this one though. Someone on Facebook told me some of these designs are the the 2012 Cheeky stamping plates, but I don't have those ones. 
What do you think, or have you got the Cheeky plates? If you are interested in buying these, message me and I'll gladly send you the link :)

As always thank you for taking the time to read, and please feel free to comment, I always reply :) :)



  1. Yes, the 'fishy' plate, and a couple of the other designs are exactly the same as the 2012 Cheeky set. Good buy though - I'm always surprised when these cheap plates stamp well!

  2. Yes it is nice especially when you look a the price of one Konad plate. I have a fair few plates all different makes. Thanks for taking the time to
    comment :) x

  3. I really need to learn how to stamp, these plates look fab and are such a bargain!

    1. It's easy once you get used to doing it. There are many videos on youtube, I even done one although my camera is poop lol. Thanks for taking the time to comment :)

  4. I haven't ordered any stamping plates yet, but I might have to take a look at these :) They look great!

    1. They are awesome. I'm so pleased I got them. Here's the link,
      Thanks for your comment :)