Saturday 31 August 2013


FxNailz Nail Polish Review

So for my second post today, I have something very special to share with you all. The wonderful people at FxNailz kindly sent me four of their nail polishes to review. I was like a kid at Christmas when the postman knocked with the parcel lol, even my Hubby offered to help me open them, as the packaging was really good, so no breakages during posting :) One by one I opened them, and I'm sure my mouth opened a little wider every time I saw the awesome polishes. Grinning like a Cheshire cat, I couldn't wait to try them out!

Two Fickle heat sensitive polish in Glitter Purple to Pink and Olive to Gold. A duo Chrome in a Burgundy Red, with Gold, Orange and Brown shimmers, just right with Autumn on the way, awesome in a bottle! The last was FxNailz Mirror, in the most beautiful shade of Pinky/Purple, I was in love.
These were all a dream to apply. 8ml of polish, a nice size brush and for me the lids were a nice size to hold when painting your nails. What do they look like on, well wait no more, here are all with two coats of polish and no top coat...

Fickles Olive to gold.

Fickles Glitter Purple to Pink.

Duo Chrome.

Fickles Mirror.
It was hard to catch the duo chrome, but still an amazing colour. With the Mirror polish, I was like OMG with the first stroke I painted on my nail! A wicked Mirror effect :)
The Fickles heat sensitive polish, works on the basis of body temperature. So not like some that change colour in the sun. Basically the hotter you become the polish will start changing, normally the base of your nail as its closer to your body than the tip. So you get a nice gradient effect. The easiest way for me to show you this change, was to dip my nails in hot water. 

See the tip looks brighter than the base.

Full nail dipped in water.

You can just make out the lighter tip.

Full nail dipped.

It was hard for me to catch the change in a photo, But I can promise you I could see the change. I think some colours, like the Purple to Pink are easier to capture. But if you look at the earlier photos with the polish, you can see a colour difference. All in all I'm in love with all these polishes, each one is wicked its its own right. As I said these were sent to me for review, and this is my personal and honest opinion. Check out FxNailz for yourself, the Fickles come in a range of different colours :)

Thanks for reading, and I can't wait to hear what you guys think. Have you got any FxNailz polish?
Take care and have a great weekend :)