Saturday 31 August 2013

Lace Tip Nails

White Lace Nail Tip Stickers

Hello all :) I'm so glad the sun is shining today, as it makes for better photo's and I have two posts today!
So let's start with the first. A while back I got some white lace stickers. I've been wanting to do a lace design on my nails for ages, but not a full nail effect. Then came the choice of what colour to use. I wanted to go for something that I haven't worn in ages, and finally settle on Sinful Colors in 'Let's Talk'. A beautiful somewhat shimmery purple.

Thought this colour, with a white lace tip would look awesome. But then, someone in one of the groups I'm in on Facebook posted a photo of their nails painted with Nails Inc. in Baker Street. Such a beautiful beautiful blue! Now I don't own any Nails Inc. as they are far to pricey for my budget, but I know I'd seen that colour in my stash when I was writing them all down, and of course I sorted them all out to put in my new storage. So on a mission I pulled out the draw with my blue polish in, and low and behold the first colour I looked at was the one!! Miss Sporty in Pop Fiction (number 320).

In the sun


Whether this is an actual dupe I can't really say, but it looks pretty close to me, and with a price difference of £9, I'm happy :) I could have easily got away with one coat of this polish, but I always do two. It was so nice and creamy, and a whizz to apply.

Two coats, no top coat.

Next came the fiddly bit. Applying the Lace Tip stickers! But after a few shakes, I eventually finished :) As well as the stickers, there were tiny rhinestones which I placed at the bottom of each nail. 

I'm so happy with this, even my Hubby complimented me more than once, on the colour, and the lace design. He said it's one of his favs that I've done :) He said he loves the colour that much, he wants to paint our living room the same colour lol!!
So this is the first post finished. What do you think? Love getting comments, and knowing what you think, and I'll always reply.
Thanks as always for stopping by :)



  1. Gorgeous color!! I wish the last pic was zoomed in a bit more to see the details but it looks really pretty, I love that lace effect and the polish color is really striking.

    1. Thank you, it is a beautiful colour. I'll take another photo tomorrow and post it on here :) x