Thursday 13 September 2018

Revel Nail

Wanderlust Revel Mates 

So the time has come for me to share the last Revel Mates Wanderlust matching shade nail polish and dip powder. There was no reasoning for me leaving the shade till last, but it helped cheer me up with the dull and gloomy weather we have now in the UK. 

Aloha is such a delicate pretty pinky peach shade. Now I'm not sure what happened, as I applied the dip powder as usual on my cindy hand, then painted 2 coats of the polish on my swatching hand. Although these do look very similar, the polish was a tad lighter than the dip powder.

Still super pretty though and as I keep the dip powder on my cindy hand for a few weeks, I wanted to added something. So I applied a holo topcoat and added some bling, and I absolutely love it!

As I've mentioned in my previous posts, sadly this Wanderlust Collection is no longer available, but there is a new limited edition collection called Dia de la.
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I hope you've enjoyed these Revel Mates posts, as much as I've enjoyed doing them.
Stay safe and much love.....


  1. Wow! That holo on this soft pretty pink with the charms is stunning. Love this so much. Sorry your weather is turning gloomy.

  2. I really love how the rhinestones look with the base color!

  3. How nice to have a powder paired with a matching polish!

  4. Ohh those rhinestone nails are gorgeous! The added holo is lovely!

  5. Oh wow, these look so neat love the slight holo!

  6. Wow gorgeous color! Love the bling you added.