Thursday 6 September 2018

Revel Nail

Revel Nail Wanderlust 

Bonjour! Another day, another review! And yes I did just start with the name of the next Revel Mates Wanderlust dip powder and nail polish I've used. I've been really impressed with these matching shades of dip powders and polishes from Revel Nail.
Bonjour is a light grey shade.

The polish was again highly pigmented and a stunning smooth creme finish. Swatched with 2 coats and no topcoat.
The dip powder application was a breeze and I dipped 3 times. Again a close match but for me the polish seemed a tad brighter. But this could also be how the light reflects on my nails as my hands are at different angles ( not getting too scientific lol)

I also had a feeling that the great quality and pigmentation of the previous polishes, that they may also stamp! So using Xin Chào I stamped a pretty floral design over both polish and dip powder.

How awesome does grey and pink look together. I'm truly impressed by both polish and powder and can't wait to try out the last shade from this Wanderlust Collection. Sadly this set is no longer available, but if you want to try out a Revel Mates set then check out the new limited edition Dia de la collection.
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Stay safe and much love....