Monday 23 October 2017

Revel Nail

Thermal Dip Powder

Hi everyone, how was your weekend? Mine was a quiet one, which was nice and relaxing. These dipping powders from Revel Nail come in a great variety of colours, and today I have a new to me thermal mood changing dip powder! I was so dubious as to how well this would work, and I can honestly say the result is amazing.. 
I have the shade Crux.
I used this powder on my cindy hand, following on from my removal video on youtube. Application is the same as my previous dip powder posts. This is the 'cool' shade of this powder, a creme grey.
 You can see the slight colour change by my cuticles.
I quickly dipped my hand in some hot water, to try and show the beautiful neutral pink 'hot' shade.
And total colour shift in this pic.
Such a fun dip powder with a drastic thermal shift, check out my Instagram to see my quick video.
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Stay safe and much love.....