Monday 9 October 2017

Clear Jelly Stamper

Layered Stamping

Hello lovely readers, I'm here with my long overdue review (yes another one!) On Clear Jelly Stamper Big Bling Stamper and Cjs 37 layering stamping plate. 
The Big Bling Stamper is beautifully decorated in its own little box and comes with a fairly firm credit card style scraper.  I love that this has a lid to keep the delicate stamper head safe and free from dust, and the bling bottom that can also be removed, enabling you to see through the stamper itself for perfect placement. The Clear Jelly Stamper polishes are all 5 free and come in 2 sizes, 5ml or 10ml.
Cjs 37 is such an amazing layering stamping plate, with both full nail and singular images.
The amount of detail in each layered part is awesome, sure to give you a stunning mani every time!
The trick I found was to scrape the polish at a 45° angle, but also with a lightish touch. Picking up the image with The Big Bling was a quick and light roll of the stamper.

Check out my video to watch me create my above mani, and how I used the Big Bling and Cjs 37 together with Clear Jelly Stamper polishes and one other polish.
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Stay safe and much love....


  1. What a fun layered look! I really want to try one of these plates.

  2. Great review. I own the original CJS and I love it.

  3. That nail art is AMAZING! And I love when stampedes come with covers!

  4. This is my favorite stamper currently. And your nail art is perfection!