Friday 17 March 2017

Charlies Nail Art Review

Water Decals 

Hello all, I will start posting more very soon, but I'm now battling with a slight allergic reaction on my cindy hand. Not as bad as my swatching, but still annoying. I don't like doing it, but as I don't want to totally stop painting my nails, I have an app on my phone to air brush my fingers, just to remove the dodgy bits of dry skin. I in no way touch my nails, so what you see is exactly how they look. So this is the reason I'm not posting as much as I'd like, but another week and I reckon my cindy hand will be totally better :)
Anyway enough waffling and onto today's review for Charlies Nail Art.  I have today some water decals that are sized for your nails and in an awesome Skeleton design, for only 89p.
I really like how each decal has a different image yet they go so well together and great detail, making a scene across your nails. I carefully cut the ones I wanted and painted my nails with white polish. These decals didn't need long in water before sliding off the backing paper, and stuck nicely to my nails with enough slide for perfect placement. Clean up was easy with my clean up brush and acetone. Added a glossy topcoat and done!
Then I added a matte top coat and personally I like this finish better. What do you think?
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Stay safe and much love....