Monday 13 March 2017

Born Pretty Store

Nail Vinyls 

Hey all and happy Monday! How was your weekend?  Mine flew past.. 
So today I have tried another lot of holographic nail vinyls from Born Pretty Store, for my next review. They are so pretty that it's a shame you can't leave them on your nails.

Just look at that rainbow :) These Triangle nail vinyls remind me of a mosaic and stained glass windows, and as I love this look on nails, it's exactly what I did. Painted my nails black and let it dry completely, as these Vinyls were very sticky. To this I carefully painted in each shape with a different colour metallic polish. Removed the vinyl and top coated.

Such a striking look over the black and super colourful and pretty, and this type of design would make a variety of beautiful mani's. Below is my 10% discount code.
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Stay safe and much love....