Tuesday 24 January 2017

Milvart Review

Full Nail Water Decals

I'm super impressed with the full nail water decals from Milvart. They are so pretty and a unique mix of designs, both floral and even foil effects. You should really have a look at them. Some can only be used with a white base, but this is too make the decal look simply stunning on your nails. They adhere well, with enough slide for perfect placement. The clean up of any excess is easy with a clean up brush and acetone. 
So the 3 decals I have used for this post are all so different, yet all equally gorgeous. 
F94 is a super pretty arabesque gold foil decals. Any base colour would go well with this, but for a classy and elegant look I used a black polish.

The gold just looks striking, and just perfect. It didn't crinkle when I applied my glossy topcoat.
J107 is a mix of both gold foil and pretty flowers. Such an unusal looking water decal. These are shaped to fit the cuticle part of your nails.

Placement was easy, as the golden foil line helped me to place these straight on each nail. The glossy topcoat just make these look so special!
N857 is a design that reminds me of fine China, and you can't go wrong with a blue and white mani, and a matte top coat makes it look so realistic.

You can also find Milvart over on Facebook and Instagram. I'd recommend these water decals as they are the best full nail I've used, and a huge and stunning range of patterns.
Stay safe and much love....


  1. The gold decals are so elegant looking! You could have a lot of fun with those. If you painted your nails with a white base, and maybe stamped with some blue flowers before putting the gold on, it would look like a china plate pattern!

    1. Sure would and yes these decals are just fabulous :)

  2. The gold and black look sharp together!

  3. that gold decals omg 😨 loved your mani !!

  4. Oh my gosh the gold filigree ones are stunning!