Monday 23 January 2017

Born Pretty Store

Paisley Water Decals 

So I'm here with my favourite type of water decals. I think that these black design decals on a clear backing are just fab, as you can wear them in so many ways. 
BPY 14 has 2 very detailed and pretty arabesque paisley designs. I also like how with these you get 2 different decals, and you can cut them to the sizes you need.
For my first mani, I painted my nails with a delicate light pink polish. Like most full nail decals there was some excess to clean up, but this was easy with my clean up brush and acetone. So simple yet utterly stunning.
For my second, I coloured in the designs. I first removed the decals from their backing and placed in a clean stamper. Once dry I carefully filled the paisley images, and left to dry again. No need to topcoat, just gently peel from the stamper and place onto nails. I use foil glue to stick to my nails. Clean up excess and finished with a matte top coat.
Over a white base I really like how these look. 2 totally different looking mani's, yet both equally beautiful.
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As always, stay safe and much love...