Friday 15 January 2016

Charlies Nail Art Review

Barbed Wire Nail Stickers 

Hello and welcome. I've decided to carry on with my reviews after all that's going on here. I mean life goes on! Today I have some very pretty Gold Barbed Wire Stickers, that also come in Silver for £1.00 from Charlies Nail Art. There are plenty of these stickers to do a fare few different mani's. 

They were very easy to peel from the backing and cut into pieces to fit my nails. I chose to do a black base colour. They also stuck well. Looked nice without topcoat,  but I did apply some to keep the stickers in place and stop any lifting. 

Such an effective look and so easy to do.
FacebookInstagram and Twitter  are all the places you can find Charlies Nail Art, and why not use my 10 % discount code BNM10 to treat yourself to some beautiful nail items. 

Happy shopping, stay safe and much love...