Saturday 6 June 2015

Freehand Animal Print

Nails on Saturday 

Hello all, another weekend and another freehand nail art. Just recently I have been looking everywhere for inspiration for nail art. It's nice when there is a challenge as I have to put my thinking cap on, and reviews are good too. But when it comes to painting my nails on a Saturday I have no clue what to do. Back when I first started doing my nails, I only ever painted them on a Saturday, but just lately it's almost every day only on my swatching hand so on a weekend I like to paint both so at least my cindy hand looks good all week!
I've also been getting braver with freehand, especially painting with my non dominant hand. A while back I would never have attempted this. 
Then it came to me! I have a box full of those plastic swatch sticks and wheels that I first started trying nail art on. So I have a box of inspiration :)
For today's mani I started out with a super pretty pink base from Jess called Pretty in Pink. It took 3 coats but still lovely.

When totally dry I taped off parts of each nail and painted the tip white.

Top coated so the 2 colours wouldn't smudge, and armed with a detail brush and black acrylic paint, I painted leopard print on the pink and zebra/tiger on the white. To join together I added silver dots where the 2 colours met.

And my cindy hand..

Love this mani, and can see me doing more freehand now I seem to have mastered it. Though still some practice needed for certain nail arts.
What do you think?
Stay safe and much love...


  1. lovely nails the pink

  2. You did it beautifully. <3

  3. I love the way you did it, so wild !

    1. Great freehand Mani hun love it!☺
      I nominated you for the sisterhood of the world award

    2. Thank you Dawn, I'll check it out now xx

  4. ugh, i haven't painted my nails in so long. i really need to be consistent.

    1. I hear ya! I'm just glad I have my box of inspiration :)