Thursday 25 June 2015

Wiki'd Nail Challenge


What the what!!! Hi all and I'm here with the 6th instalment of the Wiki inspired nails challenge. This week's is bones, deinocheirus is large arm/shoulder bones from a dinosaur  that was alive over 70 million years ago.
So with this in mind I have painted a freehand dinosaur on my nails, Inspired by Narmai, just one amazing 3D nail art. As I have no gel polishes, I painted mine with acrylic paint.
Made a sandy looking base by painting my nails with a white textured polish and sponging brown paint over the top.

Then a first for me to freehand this, but it was really easy.

I wasn't expecting to like this look on my nails, but was super happy with them. Would you wear this? Thanks to Narmai for the inspiration, and click here for the main Wiki'd hub page.
Thanks for reading, and till next time stay safe and much love...


  1. I love this! I don't know that I would do something like this as an everyday look, but it would be so much fun to wear to a natural history museum or a dinosaur national park! I think you did an outstanding job!

  2. Such a great look for this theme! I think the sandy base you made works perfectly!

    1. I loved it as a base colour, thank you x