Saturday 23 May 2015

Freehand Nails

Freehand Vintage Nails

Hello all, I'm finally here with a nail art and not a review! With the amount of reviews I have been doing just lately I have lost all inspiration for any type of nail design. On scrolling through Facebook last night I saw a picture of an awesome nail art by Kim from Ten Little Canvases. The link will take you to her video tutorial.
I just loved everything about this mani, and wanted to try and re create it. Kim has used gel polish, as I don't have any myself I have done mine using normal polish. Now although I'm happy with how mine have turned out, no where as good as Kim's.
And for my first total full freehand nail art in ages, I'm super pleased with these, on both hands, I'm not one for painting the best swirls, but with practice.. fingers crossed I'll get better.
I started off with 2 coats of Special FX Nails metallic pink polish.

Then added a matte topcoat.

The last time I tried outlining my nails for my cartoon look wasn't very good, so this time I went slower.

With the same black polish I painted my so called swirls and added gold dots, over painted the swirls with gold and painted a rose on my ring finger. Matte top coated again and here's the finish look.

I hope I've done Kim proud :)
Hope you like them too.. Thanks for stopping by and until next time stay safe and much love...

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