Saturday 2 May 2015

Fun nails for Saturday

Cartoon Nails 

For the first Saturday in May I wanted to try something fun and new on my nails. I've seen many 'cartoon' mani's, made to look like a girls painted nails in a animated cartoon. I also have a new nail shape :)
So with a white base I painted on coat of Jess in Playmate, an awesome neon pink.

Then with a steady hand, a thin liner brush and black acrylic paint I carefully outlined each nail. Added white highlighting detail and one hand done...

Started on my cindy hand, going well until I got a text which made my jump and I ended up ruining both hands! So off it all came and started again but a different way.
I painted my nails black first..

Then painted white polish leaving a black line around the edge, topped this with the neon pink. Added the white highlighting again, matte top coated and done..

If I'm honest this way was a lot easier for painting with my non dominant hand, as I'm pleased with how my cindy hand came out too.

I really hope you like these as much as I do, and the new nail shape :)
If your in the UK, have a great bank holiday weekend, and to all my lovely readers over the world have an awesome weekend too.
Stay safe and much love...


  1. What a cool fun Mani! Love it☺😘💅

  2. I haven't done cartoon nails in so long, these look so awesome. I love the way they especially look in the sun, so fun.

  3. These are tooooo cute! I haven't tried them myself but love the look on others!

  4. Love it! They do look oddly three dimensional!

  5. Those are so different! Very cool!

  6. Love these! That pink really pops and looks great matte! I've had the same thing happen to me with this type of nail art and stamping. At least for me, I don't fidget and mess with details as much with my non dominant hand and I go a lot more slowly!

    1. Thank you. I'm getting better with my non dominant hand, try to push myself too, otherwise only my swatching hand will look the best lol x