Saturday 24 December 2016

Christmas Nails

I'm Back...

Hi guys, let me start by wishing all those that celebrate, a very Merry Christmas filled with lots of love and laughs. 
I know I posted yesterday, but this post is not only on my Christmas mani, but a warning about out of date cuticle oil. 
I won't waffle too much as I explained in yesterday's post about my allergic reaction, and today is the first day in almost 2 weeks that I have painted my nails. I wasn't going to have naked nails for Christmas!!
So to my mani inspired by Sharing Vu on IG. Something different, yet colourful.

Who wouldn't love to see rainbow Snowflakes! Super easy as I didn't fancy anything to complicated after my break.
Ok, I wasn't aware that cuticle oil could go out of date. If you knew then hats off too you, but I do believe that this was the culprit to my allergic reaction. You see I'm not 100% sure, but this particular day I had been applying my cuticle oil to my swatching hand only throughout the day. It was that evening I noticed the reaction. My Cindy hand was fine, 3 different creams later and it's only just starting to clear, it's still noticeable but not as much. Never spread and didn't hurt or itch. It was so nice to be able to paint my nails again and I wouldn't wish this reaction on anyone who swatches polish. This was my reason for including this in my post.
Have a great day tomorrow, filled with lots of love and laughs.
Stay safe and much love....


  1. Interesting... it'd be interesting to see the ingredients of the oil. Base oils all have a shelf life but it could be something else in it that you've developed an allergy to? I avoid anything with mineral oil, petrolateum or parrafinium

  2. This just might be my favorite manicure from you! So much fun!

  3. So glad your cuticles are fine. Thanks for heads up and this mani is so cute !! I am also a fan of sharing V U

  4. I love the colors you used. It's a beautiful mani!

  5. I usually smell my cuticle oil and that's how I know if it's bad. Sorry about your reaction. I love you mani. Reminds me of blurred Christmas lights

  6. I'm glad that the reaction didn't cause lasting damage! Love your mani!

  7. It's good to hear that the reaction didn't cause serious damage. I actually didn't know this either. Beautiful mani!