Saturday 14 May 2016

Sinful Colors

New Pride 2016 Collection 

Hello to you all.  Another weekend, and time to do my nails for me. I'm over loaded with reviews, but not complaining as it keeps me busy and I like that as I hate being bored lol. My daughter has recently come back from her holiday in Florida, and she bought me 2 polishes from Sinful Colors 2016 Pride Collection. I wish somewhere in the UK stocked the full range of Sinful Colors as they are lovely polishes. The 2 she got me are called GoGo Boy and Bye Felicia! 
Bye Felicia! is a very pretty creme yellow, was a bit streaky at first but the second coat smoothed out the appearance.
GoGo Boy is a gorgeous blue (my favourite colour) again another creme and was perfect with one coat, but I did 2 here.
I love gradient nails atm so using these 2 and 24/7 the most amazing pink that I managed to get my hands on, I made my gradient and added a holo topcoat.

To this I stamped in black a floral image from BPL 029.

The finished mani is so pretty and colourful, I just wish the sun was shining more! 
Would be even better if we had a shop like Walgreen's or Walmart in the UK, as the photos my daughter sent me makes me want to go shopping in Florida ha ha.
Have a great weekend :)
Stay safe and much love....


  1. Your stamping is always on point. That blue is really pretty too!

  2. Lovely, as always! This is so pretty.

  3. Soooo in love with your stamped gradient! Stunning!

  4. I love these kind of bright cremes - Sinful has so many of them!

    1. Me too I just wish they were more easy to get in the UK x

  5. Love that yellow, but the grafient with stamping? Gorgeous!!