Tuesday 29 September 2015

Born Pretty Store Polish

Chameleon Polish 

I wasn't planing on doing this post, but I suppose sometimes doing things that are not planned work out great! And this so goes for this Chameleon Polish from Born Pretty. I purchased this from a Chinese seller on ebay, along with some holographic polishes.  Now I regret not buying more of these chameleons. The one I liked the most is number 217, and the colour shift is from a turquoise green to blue to purple and is just lush...

You paint your nails with a black polish first, to get the full effect of the chameleon shift.

Now how stunning is this! One coat over black polish and it's fricking amazeballs ♡ I keep moving my hands to see the colour shift, and in the sun the sparkle is awesome. Off to stare at my nails again lol, stay safe and much love. ....

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