Tuesday 25 February 2014

Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Purple Nails For B-eat

Hello! The lovely Emily Georgina Hackett pointed out to the All things nails facebook group that this week was Eating Disorder Awareness week, and asked if we would all help raise awareness by painting our nails purple, in recognition of the purple ribbon used by B-eat. Now I have to say that I don't personally know anyone affected by an eating disorder, but I wanted to get involved and help do my small part in raising awareness. If I am asked about my nails when I am out I will be sure to tell the person why they are purple.
I decided I wanted to use more than one purple polish, so came up with three that work so well together from Beauty UK's Glam polish. 

Cotton Candy, Lilac Girl and Jelly Bean

So for my purple mani, I did a water marble. I drew a flower in the polish, then spiked the petal by drawing in the opposite direction. Here how they came out :)

Then the sun came out :D

And on my other hand...

And finally topcoated :)

Love this water marble, and so happy with how each nail came out. The Beauty UK Glam polishes are awesome to water marble with.
So what do you guys think?
Stay safe and much love...

I did a second purple mani, as I wanted to try out a purple polish that I got but forgot about!! Also to try the 2true Metallica for stamping..

Rimmel Baby Bellini and 2true Metallica Artemis

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