Saturday 19 April 2014

Saturday Nails Take 2

Pastel Polka Dots

Yes I'm back, that neon flowers were bugging me so much that I removed them and did another mani. This time in pastel colours and really what I had in mind to do first of all. So I suppose That's what happens when you change your mind right at the last minute!! And this is my 200th post!!

Natural Days, Frozen Yoghurt, Bold Blue, I <3 U and Pistachio Iceream

So after painting each nail with a different MUA Polish, I used the same polish and did polka dots on each nail. So the dots were different to the base polish colour.

I like these so much better. Maybe it's a bit too early for neon polish and I need more of a sun tan! These polishes are amazing for quality, application and how the colours work so well together. Feel free to leave a comment, I reply to anyone who does :)

Thanks for reading and until next time stay safe and much love...


  1. very pretty springtime mani love the different colours :)