Thursday 25 July 2013

Spotty Feathers..

Feather Nail Art

Hey all, I'm here yet again with a quick post as I was going to leave this till the weekend, but just tried it out on a practice nail to see how it looked, and its wicked :) What is it you are thinking. Its nail art using feathers. I have only just seen this once before, and have heard that Ciate are bringing out a Feathered Manicure Kit in September, and will be in Selfridges for £20. So I looked on ebay, and found some coloured spotty craft feathers for a few pounds, since they have been delivered, and were so pretty I ordered another :)

I started by painting a swatch nail with two coats of Hedy's Manishma Holograhic in Space Silver, and choosing a feather to apply to the nail.

The feathers come in all different sizes, so I just used this small one for this post. I applied a third coat of Space Silver to the nail, and while its still wet laid the feather on top and gently pressed it down. When the polish had dried, I just used a top coat to smooth the surface and protect the feather. If the feather is too big, you can just cut it down once the top coat had dried. If you cut the feather before to attach it to the nail, it might fall apart. 

A very simple, effective and different nail art design. I'm so doing this at the weekend, with a different colour spotty feather on each nail. That's unless something else comes to mind lol. 
What do you think, would you or have you tried this?
As always, thank you for taking a look. Would be great to hear from you :)



  1. Wow so pretty, I am definitely going to try this soon!

    1. Thanks, its very effective. I'm glad I tried it :) Would love to see a photo if you do, just post it on my Facebook page :)

  2. Amazing! I have looked at getting those craft leaves but never thought of feathers would love to try this as well! x

    1. :) go for it. Post a photo on my fb page if you do, I would love to see :D x