Monday 29 February 2016

Moyou Nails Square Plate Review

Square Stamping Plate 413

Hello all and welcome to my last review for Moyou Nails Square Stamping Plates. Plate 413 maybe the last in the collection, but by no means a disappointment. A bit of a mix match single images, but still a pretty looking plate.

Again using Moyou Nails Polishes, the images transferred perfectly, and some really nice looking designs.

So onto my final 3 mani's,  I just had to use the paint splat image, and these neons over the black look stunning. I did stamp with white first to make the neons show up better.

Couldn't leave these musical notes, they look amazing over white!

Finally burgandy and pink metallic stars. I love these two colours together,  the compliment each other so well.

So there we have it. All 13 plates done. I had so much fun trying out all of them, and created some very pretty nails.

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Saturday 27 February 2016

Saturday Freehand

Cartoon Nails 

Saturday is the only day I actually get to paint both hands, well nails lol!! After all the stamping I've been doing lately I wanted too see if my freehand skills were any good, si I thought I'd try some Cartoon nails.
Let's just say, some freehand is still there, but I really should start doing more and practicing again.
I started off with 2 coats of Models Own in Bubblegum, a beautiful neon pink. Then with a fine detail brush, black and white acrylic paint I added the cartoon detail. Added a matte topcoat to complete the look, and voilĂ ...

Don't get me wrong I do like them, just over critical as when I watch videos of freehand it looks so easy! As they say practice makes perfect. Yet to attempt my other hand, so I thought I'd write this post first..
Have a great weekend and stay safe, much love...

Friday 26 February 2016

Charlies Nail Art Review

Easter Nail Stickers 

Hi friends,  with time flying past Easter will soon be here, so what better than some early Easter Nails! Charlies Nail Art stocks some very pretty and different range of Easter items, from water decals to these Glitter Stickers I'm reviewing today. 
They are only £1.00 and are super sparkly, with some very pretty Easter Eggs, and super cute bows and baskets.

They were very easy to peel from the backing using tweezers,  stuck flat on my nails. I didn't topcoat them as I didn't want to lose the pretty sparkle.

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Thursday 25 February 2016

Tips and Tricks

Nails and Stamping 

Hello all, a bit of a different post today. I wanted to share with you all some tips and tricks I've learnt through out my nail painting journey. I'm also doing this post as part of the Big Blogger Challenge for Moyou Nails. I no way a professional,  but these things work well for me.

To make my hands look soft and fresh for taking photos of my nails, I use a baby wipe and gently wipe my fingers and around my nails. This helps so much and I've found it not only makes for nicer photos, but keeps my cuticles soft, especially during these colder months.
I find that cleaning an image your using on a stamping plate before you first use it and each time you do not only makes the image pick up clearer and cleaner, but ensures each nail will be stamped perfectly.

Cleaning stamping plates without ruining your nails is so much easier using a claw grabber. I use a strawberry huller with a cotton wool ball and acetone.

Liquid latex can help save on clean up when stamping full nail images, but if you carefully apply lip balm around you nails this makes removing any polish from your skin easier.

Make your own stamping templates by drawing your nail shape on some  card and cutting them out, so you have nail shaped holes. You can then use this to pick up an image that will fit perfectly on your nails with next to no clean up needed.

Natural nails can get stained over time when painted, to whiten them slightly use denture tablets. Dissolve one tablet per hand in a bowl of warm water, just enough to cover your nails for 10 minutes. Wash your hands after and pat dry, then apply some cuticle oil.

Lastly how I make my reverse stamped decals. I stamp the image and wait for it to dry. I personally don't topcoat at this stage as I feel it makes the decal thicker. I then carefully fill in the image with different coloured polishes and let dry again. I paint my nails with foil glue, as again I feel applying decals much easier this way as they don't slide under wet polish or start to dissolve. Then with the image still on the stamper, roll over my nails and it sticks to the glue and easily lifts off the stamper.

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Hope you found this post helpful, and if any of these tips help you in any way, then that makes me happy.
Thank you for stopping by and until next time stay safe and much love...

Tuesday 23 February 2016

Lady Queen Review

Hehe Stamping plate 019

Hey all and hope you are all well. I'm here with the start of some more reviews for Lady Queen Beauty. Today's is the first of 3 separate reviews on some Hehe Stamping Plates. I'll be doing different mani's depending on each image from each plate. Hehe 019 is a full nail image plate with 4 different designs. 

As normal these plates come with a protective blue covering, and they pick up and stamp really well. Perfect images for beautiful Nail Art.

First up I made a rainbow gradient which I think was perfect for this stamping. Like a magical rainbow path.

These reverse stamped decals would be perfect for Christmas and any time of year,  the different colour possibilities are endless. I stuck these to my nails using foil glue as I find this so much easier.

Next I painted my nails with a beautiful pink and stamped with Barry M White as this image covers most of the polish and I didn't want to lose the pink colour. This look is perfect and so delicate looking.

Lastly, a simple black and white look. You really can't go wrong with this.

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Monday 22 February 2016

Moyou Nails Square Plate Review

Square Stamping Plate 412

Plate 412 from Moyou Nails is another floral plate, but single smaller images. Some are very detailed and look really pretty.

They picked up and stamped well, some of these images are just gorgeous. Using Moyou Nails Polishes for all the stamping and sometimes as a base colour.

How beautiful is that singular rose, which gave me a great idea for my first mani..
made decals and I love how they stand out if a white background.

This mani is super elegant, these metallic polishes from Moyou Nails really stand out over darker polishes. I love how this one looked with a matte finish.

Finally this darker blue is absolutely stunning, and only took one coat for complete opaqueness. For stamping just as good. Again a delicate and elegant look.

Another great plate that I really enjoyed reviewing, as I love all 3 mani's. Only one more to go!

Again if you like this plate or any from the Square collection, or even the polishes from Moyou Nails,  use my discount code below,  just enter traceysp at the checkout.

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Join me next Monday for my last Square Stamping Plate Review.
Till then, stay safe and much love...