Saturday 31 May 2014

Sellotape striped nails

Neon and Black Nails

Hello all again, hope you are well. For today's nails I wanted something quick and easy, but also different. As I will have a very special blog post on Monday, that is all very secret at the moment!!  I have done a manicure before using sellotape and thought I'd try it again, but different to the last time. It can be tricky using sellotape to tape off part of your nails, but the end result is so worthwhile! But also for this your base polish must be completely dry, so I painted my nails yesterday ready for today. I used Revlon doubled ended White and Neon polish, in these colours.

Used the white as a base, to make the neon 'pop' more, then painted each nail a different colour.

I cut the tape into squares, then each square in half to make 2 triangles, making sure at least one end had a sharp point. I stuck 3 or 4 pieces to each nail to make a random triangle pattern, be it on the tip, the side or bottom of the nail. Then used Nails.Inc Kate Spade New York Noir and painted over the nail. While the polish was wet I carefully removed the tape.....and this is the end result..

Even my Cinderella hand! :)

Topcoat and done :) Love this as its so bright and colourful. What do you think?
Remember to come back here on Monday as I will have a very exciting blog post that I know you wouldn't want to miss....
So till then, stay safe and much love..

Monday 26 May 2014

La Femme Matte Polish

La Femme Matte Polish Swatch and Review

I've have been very busy working on this blog post, painting and taking photo's as I have 9 La Femme Matte Polishes to show you. I purchased these beauties from ebay for the bargain price of £6.56 with free P&P. They were delivered very quickly and packaged very well, in a nice size box filled with plastic airbags to stop any breakage. I also wasn't expecting them to come in a pretty display box either. If you would like to buy these the link is here. As this will be a heavy photo post too, lets start...

No Flash
With Flash
I didn't want to take them out the box lol, but here they are..

No Flash
With Flash
All the different sets available listed on the back of the box. 
I was excited to swatch these as they say they are a matte polish, but I also wanted to see what they would look like with a white base. So I swatched each polish like this..and two coats of each polish...

Pink and Ring finger one coat of white polish, base coat on the others.

As I said this is a heavy pic the first polish is Nude. Two coats, but possibly could do with three over natural nails. Nice to apply, not streaky and a good drying time. I would say this one had a slight pink tinge, but still a pretty colour.

Not really the matte finish I was expecting so I did try a matte topcoat and it give the polish a rubbery matte look. Which I ended up doing with all the colours. So the photo's of me holding the Tatty Teddy cup are with the matte topcoat.

The next is Brown Satin..

This was a more streaky polish to apply, but still nice. A milk chocolate look (mmmm yummy lol) This one had a bit more of a matte finish, but I still applied a matte top coat, and again a rubbery look, which I liked.
Next up is Rock & Folk..I have to say my least favourite colour from the whole set, as yellow really doesn't suit my skin tone.

Definitely a rich egg yolk/mustardy colour, I did like the look of this polish more on my nails than in the bottle, but it still doesn't suit me! But for a yellow polish I can say it wasn't streaky to apply at all.
Cafe Monceau next..

This one has more of a glossy finish on the base coated nails, than the white base nails. A very pretty musky pink. Nicely pigmented for such a cheap branded polish.


Much more of a rich vibrant red on my nails than it looks in the bottle. Again a glossy finish, so I have no idea while these are called Matte!!


A pretty orangy/peachy/coral polish, not so much shine with this one, and more of a matte look over the white based nails. I do really like this shade, perfect for Summer.

The first of the purples is Next (no really that is the name!)

This one is more of a dusky lavender. It reminded me of the Parma Violet sweets lol. No streaking, and not a big gloss or matte finish..

Soul, the second purple..

Oh my what a pretty shade of purple! But again sadly another glossy finish. The last colour is one I liked though I'm not really a green polish person..I loved the name too!

Oh La La

I must say I really like this shade of green, but disappointed that this had the glossiest finish from them all. I mean after all the reason I bought them is for the matte look!  But for the price I can really complain, and they are pretty colours, very well pigmented, nice to apply and have a good drying time. If I'm honest though I would say I prefered them with the added matte topcoat, as it gave a rubbery look, and I really like that finish. The matte top coat I used was by MNY.

So over all I would say these are definitely worth the money even though they are not entirely matte polishes. I would love to hear your thoughts on these :) I will also be trying to see if they water marble, as I know La Femme are great for this!

Water marble done using Downtown and Oh La La :)
Thanks for reading, till next time..
Stay safe and much love..

Saturday 24 May 2014

Rubik's Cube Nails

Rubik's Cube Nails

Hello all again! So after all the reviews and water marbling I have been doing, I had know idea what to do on my nails today. Then on Facebook I saw a post from Mey Mey with a pic of Rubik's Cube Nails, and she asked if anybody would fancy having a go. Of course I replied saying I'd love to try. Now I know there are many Rubik's Cube nail designs on google, but these are my version..

Started by painting my nails with one coat of white polish. Then with black acrylic paint and a thin striping brush painted two lines down each nail.

Then two across each nail.

With a small dotting tool and polish I filled in each square with random colours. These are the polishes I used.

So happy with how these came out, even my Cinderella hand! Take a look...

What do you think of this manicure? 
I will be busy next week working on a heavy photo blog post, swatching some new polish I bought, so watch this space lol.
Till then have a great Bank Holiday Weekend, stay safe and much love..