Saturday 30 May 2015

Freehand Flowers

Flower Garden

Happy Saturday everyone! And here we are, the last weekend in June. I wanted to do a special nail art, but had no clue what. That was until I watched a video on Youtube of freehand Vintage Flowers by Lacquerstyle. I lost count how many times I watched this, just to understand how she paints these awesome flower's. As me and one stroke don't get on atm. My freehand is slowly getting better that's why I wanted to give this a try.
I'll admit I was excited to do this mani, although I didn't have any big expectations! I mean I was planning on it looking like a mess, blobs instead of flowers!!
Anyway I made a pink gradient using these polishes.

I normally paint freehand with acrylic paint,  but seeing Lacquerstyle use nail polish I thought I'd try the same. I sorted these complementary polishes to go with the pink gradient. 

Armed with a few thin nail art brushes it was time to start!
I painted the roses with the 3 shades of pink, the other flower's with the 2 purples and cream polish, and the 2 greens for foilage. Worked on both hands taking my time, and finished with a matte topcoat. Well I can say I am so proud of myself!  I'm super pleased, over the moon with how these came out, even on my cindy hand :)
What do you think?

Without the video I would never have tried this nail art, so a big big thank you to Lacquer Style  :) I can see me keeping this on for a while..
Thanks for reading, have an awesome weekend and as always stay safe and much love...

Friday 29 May 2015

Feather Nails..

Charlies Nail Art Review 

How quick are the months flying by.. Can you believe this is the last Friday in May?  It means that I have another review for you all from Charlies Nail Art, and my last for this month. The amount of different items Charlies Nail Art sell is outstanding, and great prices and super customer service. Today I have a pack of 2 colourful feathers.

These feathers come in 11 different colours for 49p. A great way to make accent nails. For my nails I used these items below, I painted my ring and thumb white (polish not pictured)

The other nails I painted orange and added black polka dots to compliment the feathers. To apply the feathers I painted my nail with clear polish, put the feather on my nail and gently pressed it into the wet polish, so it stuck to my whole nail.

While waiting for the polish to dry I cut the larger excess pieces off.

When totally dry I trimmed all the over hanging bits of feather and top coated. Not only does this protect the feather from lifting, but gives an awesome shine.

The completed look is very effective, and I received many compliments on them! So many mums at the school were amazed that I had feathers on my nails :) I love them. Don't forget I have a 10% discount code for you all, just enter BNM10 at the checkout :)

FacebookInstagram and Twitter is the places you need to keep up to date with Charlies Nail Art.
Till next time, stay safe and much love...

Thursday 28 May 2015

Wiki'd Nail Challenge

Water Babies 

Hello lovelies and welcome to week 2 of the Wiki'd Challenge. I was contemplating not doing this challenge as some of the weeks are going to prove to be a challenge themselves!! But without stressing too much I though out of the box for this, and may well do the same for some of the up coming challenges. 
The main hub page is where you can see all the mani's from this whole challenge. 
So Water Babies a children's novel written in 1863, I will admit I haven't read this book, and I think that's what made it harder from me to interpret this to a nail art.
So as I said, thinking out the box I made a blue gradient on my nails, with 3 polishes from MUA. 

With almost the same 3 colours in acrylic paint,  I made a reverse bubble gradient. I watered down the paint, dotted onto my nails and removed the excess water with a cotton bud.

Falling into water made me think of bubbles, and this is where I got my idea for this mani. For a first attempt, I'm pleased with how this looks,  and think a rainbow bubble would look amazing.
Till next time, stay safe and much love..

Monday 25 May 2015

Wiki'd Nail Challenge


Hey everyone and welcome to a new nail challenge. As the A2Z Nails has finished, a new one has begun. Not as long as the previous challenge, only 10 weeks but I think it's going to be a very interesting one. You see this time all mani's are inspired from a Wikipedia page. There will be a main hub page again, the place to see all the Wiki inspired nails throughout the next 10 weeks. 
So the first is Tattoo, a form of body modification made by changing the pigment of the skin using ink.
As someone who never thought I'd ever get any tattoos..I have 3. I was only planning on getting one, but I can really understand how people find it addictive! As I went back for my seconds the day after having the first done, and a week later for my third! 
My tattoos mean a lot to me as they tell a story....

The single red rose is exactly the same on my Mum's headstone, I just added the scroll

The flaming heart is how I felt when my Mum died.

The butterfly for means she is free of the terrible disease and can fly :)
So for my Tattoo nails. I'm so glad Moyou London had this plate. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. The design on it was just was I was looking for to recreate my rose tattoo.

So with a white base, I stamped the rose and scroll using Pretty Black Polish. Filled in with some own made sheer tint polish, and free handed the word Mum in the scroll with black acrylic paint.
This is before topcoat..

And with topcoat...

So so pleased with how these look, and a perfect start to this new challenge. 
Hope you like them too, stay safe and much love...

Saturday 23 May 2015

Freehand Nails

Freehand Vintage Nails

Hello all, I'm finally here with a nail art and not a review! With the amount of reviews I have been doing just lately I have lost all inspiration for any type of nail design. On scrolling through Facebook last night I saw a picture of an awesome nail art by Kim from Ten Little Canvases. The link will take you to her video tutorial.
I just loved everything about this mani, and wanted to try and re create it. Kim has used gel polish, as I don't have any myself I have done mine using normal polish. Now although I'm happy with how mine have turned out, no where as good as Kim's.
And for my first total full freehand nail art in ages, I'm super pleased with these, on both hands, I'm not one for painting the best swirls, but with practice.. fingers crossed I'll get better.
I started off with 2 coats of Special FX Nails metallic pink polish.

Then added a matte topcoat.

The last time I tried outlining my nails for my cartoon look wasn't very good, so this time I went slower.

With the same black polish I painted my so called swirls and added gold dots, over painted the swirls with gold and painted a rose on my ring finger. Matte top coated again and here's the finish look.

I hope I've done Kim proud :)
Hope you like them too.. Thanks for stopping by and until next time stay safe and much love...

Friday 22 May 2015

Pretty Professional Polish

Pretty Review 

Hi guys and yes I'm here again with yet another review! Pretty polish is a very inexpensive brand, yet they have some gorgeous polishes and other nail bits. Recently they brought out a range of Professional Polish that comes in mattes, pastels, brights and glitters. My parcel came in a super cute box.

And inside ..

2 glitter polishes, one from the Glitter Bomb range and the other is from the Jewel Invasion range, and 2 Twist and Out easy polish removal pots, especially for glitter polish. One normal and the other raspberry scented.
Let's have a closer look..

First up I used the Glitter Bomb polish,  I layered it over other Pretty polish I have.

Pretty Denim Polish 
Pretty Metallic Polish 
The glitters in this polish are super pretty, pinks, blues and greens. It made a perfect glitter topper over these polishes, especially for me, someone who don't normally like glitter toppers!!

For the removal of this polish I used the raspberry scented Twist and Out, and videoed as it was easier to show you. The scent wasn't too over powerful, and the sponge was wet enough to remove all the polish and glitter.

I painted my nails with one coat of Pretty Black Polish for the Jewel Invasion. This one could be used without a base colour, I just wanted to show it over a dark base as it's my fav of the 2.

How gorgeous is this, a silver glitter with bigger blue glitters. I used the other Twist and Out pot for removal.

Again  worked amazingly, removing every bit of polish and glitter.
Overall these items are great, and awesome value. I know the Twist and Out pots can be found in Poundland along with a nice range of polishes, I'm not sure if the Professional Polish is also in Poundland,  but can be found on ebay.
You can find Pretty on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.
Stay safe and much love...