Saturday 31 January 2015

Galaxy Nails

Last Challenge for January

Well hello to you all again, and welcome to the last nail art challenge for this month that I have been doing for instagram. I don't want to say it...but how quick did the first month of 2015 go!! And not long time my first granddaughter is due :) It's getting very exciting as its getting closer..
So the last challenge today was Galaxy Nails for the 1st US Satellite. Now I did say I wanted to try new things this year with nail art, and this is one of them. Even I can't believe I have never done a Galaxy Mani before!!
The polishes I used were:
Beauty UK Black Out, Sally Hansen Purple Pizzazz, Spoiled Mind you own Beeswax, Polish Love Screamin Fuchsia, Revolution no named green and Sinful Colors Ciao Bella.

La Femme Fairy Dust.
I started with a black base and matte coated it.

Then with tweezers and small pieces of a makeup sponge, I dabbed white acrylic paint first were I wanted the nebulas to be, then added the different colour polish. 

I added one coat of La Femme Fairy Dust for extra starry effect, but it didn't seem enough to me, so I applied one coat of Beauty UK Twinkle Twinkle.

Topcoated with Sally Hansen 30 second insta-dri and done!

Im so so happy with how this turned out, and especially for my first attempt at Galaxy Nails :)
What do you think?
Thats all for now, so have yourselves a great weekend, and as always stay safe and much love..

Thursday 29 January 2015

A2Z and L is for..


Hello all, another day and another manicure for the A2Z nail challenge. This one has me stumped lol, I mean lines should be easy right? But not for me as I wanted something different and had a total block on what to do!!
To the first thing I tried was colour block nails again.. 

Yet again like last weeks A2Z, there was something about this that I didn't like! But I couldn't tell you what.
So off it came and started with a matte white base again, and thinking what else I could do...

In the end I came up with a fan brush design using acrylic paint.

And I am much happier with this one!
Before topcoat.

After topcoat.

I used the blue paint first, then the pink and lastly the white to tone the other colours down a bit.
Click here for the main hub page, and take a look below at all the other L for Lines mani's, and till next time stay safe and much love..

Tuesday 27 January 2015

Embossed Nails

Something New...

For today's nails. Hello all again, and I hope I find you well. This is something I have been wanting to try for ages, and been racking my brain on the best way to do it with the least expense money wise. If I had gel polish and a curing light, this would have been much easier, so I had to think of ways to try embossed nails using something else. Im not talking of a textured mani, but an embossed look. 
I tried with PVA glue, acrylic paint. Both of these were no good. Then I thought using textured polish, but wanted a smooth look and finish, so for my last attempt I used normal white nail polish.
So how did I do this mani..
I painted base coat on my nails and when this was dry I painted a swirly design with a very fine detail brush and white polish..looks like this..

But instead of just painting the design I made sure it was raised and waited about 15 minutes for it to dry properly, so when I painted over it with a colour polish it wouldn't smudge or smear.
For my top colour I used Pretty Metallic Pink polish, a one coater polish is best for this, as the more coats you need to apply will take away the embossed look.
Here's the finished look..

It was so hard to get a to get a photo, as the shine from the metallic was wicked! But I look this look and it definitely looks 3D/embossed. I will try this again with textured polish.
I'd really love to hear what you think about this look for nail, and have you or will you try it?
Thanks so much for stopping by and till next time stay safe and much love...

Saturday 24 January 2015

Beauty UK Polish

Pink and Black Nails 

Hey all, I'm trying to do as many manicures as I can before my granddaughter arrives :) there are still a few weeks yet, but early arrivals is common in our family, so who knows...
We did have a baby shower last weekend and I made the cake!! It was a good day :)
Hope you've all had a great week. .

But back to today's nails, which I've done using polishes from Beauty UK. I used the pink for the base colour, and painted this yesterday as I needed it to be completely dry so I could tape sections of my nails without ruining the polish.

This is 2 coats and no topcoat. A beauty polish to apply, nice size brush and dried quickly with a nice finish without a topcoat.  

The Ultra Gloss Topcoat is awesome!! The shine from this polish is just amazing, and also has a quick drying time. So to finish this off, I taped the base of each nail, leaving about just over half of the nail visible, and painted this part black, I removed the tape while the polish was still wet, to get a nice clean line. I painted just the black section with topcoat, so I wouldn't get and smears or smudges.

When this was dry I added white polka dots. I was going add white roses, but wanted to see what dots would look like, and I'm so happy with the finished look. What do you think?

The Beauty UK Nails are amazing polishes, and some can even be a one coater, with a quick drying time and glossy finish, and can be bought in Superdrug on online.
Till next time stay safe and much love..

Thursday 22 January 2015

A2Z Nails and K is for...

Kitchen Sink!

Or a skittle/kitschy mani. Well
hello lovelies and if your thinking the same as me....what on earth do I do for this letter of the A2Z Nails!!
So I choose to do a different coloured patchwork design on each of my newly shortened nail. Yes they are a lot shorter, as I had 2 splits and was getting really fed up of patching them. So they had to go!! I'm just lucky that my nails grow quickly (and even quicker if I eat wine gums lol!)
As you can imagine I used quite a few different polishes..

I painted the lightest of each colour as a base, then made the details with the darker shades and some white polish. Then added the black detail with a fine liner brush and black acrylic paint. This is the final look..

Now I do love me a Patchwork mani, but there's something about this one I don't like. I can't say exactly what, maybe I'm being too self critical! I'd love to hear what you think?
As always you can see all the other letter K mani's below, and click here to go the the main hub page for this challenge.
Till next time Stay safe and much love..

Sunday 18 January 2015

A.A. Milne's Birthday

Eeyore Nails

Hello lovely people, and here I am again with another instagram nails challenge. I know A.A Milne if famous for Winnie the Pooh and he is such a cute bear, but my favourite character is Eeyore, such a soppy and loveable character! The mani I have done was inspired by ProfessionalDQ. What this lovely lady paints on her nails is amazing, and when I saw her video, I knew I had to have a go, and it includes patchwork as well, which as you know if my all time favourite look on nails.
I did a pink and white swirl water marble with Sinful Colors Snow me White and Cotton Candy.

Then with these acrylic paints I freehand painted Eeyores face on my thumb and hearts on my fingers, then added all the details.

Then added topcoat, which smooths out and seals the paint.

I was very unsure if the colour paint I mixed to make Eeyores colour would go with the pink and white swirl water marble. But was pleasantly surprised on how nice they go together. Something I wouldn't normally do, but am thinking of trying a water marble with another patchwork watch this space...
Stay safe and much love...

Thursday 15 January 2015

A2Z and J is for..


Wow! This was a hard challenge for me to come up with a mani. As I have been doing a few nail art challenges in advance so I know I would get them done, and my brain has been frazzled with ideas for each one!
So I was thinking, do I stamp, freehand again and basically help what do I do... Then it came to me, I had a silver nail foil that suits J for Jewel perfectly.
I painted a silver base polish using Nails Inc Soho Silver, and when this was completely dry I painted foil glue over and waited for this to dry. Then working on one nail at a time applied the silver foil. 
The foil came from a set I managed to get very cheaply from a Chinese seller on ebay, and I have to say they are the best foils I have. They cover your nails really well, hardly leaving any patches. Shame they still wrinkle with a topcoat, as I'm yet to find one that doesn't destroy the foil look. So for my photos I didn't use a topcoat so I could show you all how awesome the foil is...

I know this last photo is proper blurry, and does your eyes in, but just look at those holo sparkles!!
The main hub page  is where you can see all the other awesome mani's, and take a look below for all the other J for Jewel mani's, and until next time, stay safe and much love...

Tuesday 13 January 2015

Rose Water Decals

In Memory of my Mum

Hello all hope you had a good weekend, mine was busy as usual much like the week ahead, and thats why I will have only have time for this mani. But for any challenges this week, the mani has been done ready..
If you follow me you will no certain times of the year I do a special rose manicure in my Mum's memory. Today is 15 years since she left us, but she will always remain in my heart, and for my rose mani today I have used these very beautiful water decals.

For my base colour I used Sally Hansen in Crinoline and added a matte topcoat.

Placement was a little tricky, as I placed more than one decal on each nail, and even cut some to place them. The final look however is awesome, I love it so so much that I'm glad its the only mani this week as I won't want to take it off...what do you think?

Even my cindy hand :)

I hope you love this look as much as I do, so so pretty and a perfect tribute to my Mum's memory. If you like these decals can buy them here on ebay.
Till next time stay safe and much love...