Friday 31 July 2015

Mickey Mouse Nail Stickers

Charlies Nail Art Review 

Welcome,  and I'm back with the start of some exciting reviews to share with you lovely lot from Charlies Nail Art.
Today I have some very pretty Mickey Mouse at Work stickers that are currently in a 'nail sale.' You can find all the sale items here, and the Mickey Mouse stickers here. At the bargain price of just 49p these are a must. But be quick as when these items are gone, that's it. I'll post my 10% discount code BNM10 now just incase you want to look.

For my nails I wanted something other than a white base. So I made a gradient using 2 colours that I thought would compliment these stickers.

At first I wasn't sure, but once I applied the stickers I loved the look. The colours really set off these Mickey's, they were easy to peel from the backing sheet, and stuck perfectly to my nails with no lifting.

Great customer service. Fast delivery and worldwide shipping with prices starting at £1.75 UK.
Charlies Nail Art can be found on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. So you can keep up to date with all the bits they sell.
Thank you as always for reading and till next time stay safe and much love....

Thursday 30 July 2015

Charlies Nail Art

Dried Flowers 

Hello all again, today I decided to do a mani using dried flowers from Charlies Nail Art. I haven't posted for a while but these flowers are really pretty and can be used for many different looks on you nails. They come in 8 different colours and you can find them here.

This is the mani I first made with these flowers.

For today's I started with a white base and added tiny polka dots with black acrylic paint and a cocktail stick. I applied the flowers with a small amount of clear polish.

These polka dots are super cute, I've never made them this small before. And I think the flowers really makes this mani special.
If you like any of the products I review, visit Charlies Nail Art and use my 10% Off discount code BNM10. And I'll be back tomorrow with another review.

You can find Charlies Nail Art over at FacebookInstagram and Twitter. And until my next review, stay safe and much love....

Saturday 25 July 2015

Born Pretty Stamping

Neon Flowers 

Hello beautiful readers, hope I find you all well this Saturday. I had no clue what to do on my nails, as today is the day I tend to paint both hands. I've really been like these new Infinite Ombre polishes, but sadly the pennies won't stretch to me treating myself! So I thought I'd see if any polishes I had in my stash would give a similar look.
So with no clue where this mani was going, this is how it started..

2 coats of Collection Inca Silver, then with La Femme Ultra Neon polishes and a make up sponge...

I sponged 3 times over the silver.

Super pretty, not the exact look I wanted, but still too plain for me!

So with Born Pretty Plate BPL 024, Moyou London Stamper and Pretty Black Polish I stamped the large daisy image.

Liquid Latex removed, cleaned up and top coated, this is the finished look.

I'm liking the way this came out, and considering I had no clue where this was going it is very pretty. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this mani.
Have a great weekend and till next time stay safe and much love...

Friday 24 July 2015

Charlies Nail Art Review

Silver Heart Rhinestones

Another Friday, that means another review from Charlies Nail Art. Hope you have all had a good week. Summer holidays have officially started now, so back to some kind of normality. 
Today I have a super pretty mani that I got so many compliments on.
These heart rhinestones come in packs of 200 in 6 different colours for 75p.

I started by painting my nails a matte white, then painted half of each nail black. I did this without and tape, just the brush from the polish bottle. I added polka dots to the white, then with topcoat I attached the heart rhinestones down the centre line on each nail. This is the finished look.

Don't forget to use my 10% Off discount code BNM10, and you can find Charlies Nail Art on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Till next time, stay safe and much love...

Thursday 23 July 2015

Gradient Stamping

Pueen and MUA 

Happy Thursday to you all, first day of the Summer holidays and I thought I'd try a mani that's I've been wanting to try since I received my prize plates from Pueen. I did my nails with one of the plates as soon as I got them, but although they were pretty I wanted to try something with the same image. Pueen plate 109 from the new 24m collection and a white to pink gradient. 
So after painting my nails white and with liquid latex,  I made my gradient with these polishes from MUA. 

Leaving the liquid latex on, I stamped the petal/ruffle image with PrettyBlack Polish. Took of the latex and cleaned up the polish to make my nails look neater, topcoat and done!

This is one of my favourite plates from this collection, and I love how this looks with the gradient moving down each ruffle/petal. What do you think?
Stay safe and much love....

Wiki'd Nail Challenge

Horror Icon 

So friends we have reached the end to another fantastic nail challenge. At the start of this, I wasn't too sure if this challenge was for me, but I'm so glad I took part as I have enjoyed each theme, and seeing what the other lovely ladies come up with too.
I'll put the main hub page here so you can take a look back at all the themes and awesome manicures.
So back to my Horror Icon nails. I have tried painting freehand faces and believe me they looked awful!  It's something I really need to practice. Then I was going to paint a bloody hand print on black nails. But this isn't really an Icon. So  went with a favourite technique of mine that I haven't done in ages...Water Marbling. 
In not a horror film person, but have watch The Mummy, and this design is perfect for a water marble. I did this mani a few years ago inspired by My Simple Little Pleasures.

Using Sally Hansen White On, Collection Praline Whirl and Fudge Brownie I made a striped design.

I wanted to show how I fix bubbles that you can sometimes get when marbling. In the above photo you can clearly see the popped bubbles that appeared when I applied a matte topcoat on my thumb and ring finger. 
I take a small drop of each polished used for marbling and a very thin nail art brush, and add tiny amounts of the polish where needed to match the design. Only a small amount of polish is needed as it will look darker than the marbled polish. The photo below is the fixed nails and mattetop coated again. 

To this I painted a black stripe across the top of each nail and added 2 googly eyes.

More cute than horror lol, but such an effective look, and would be a perfect Halloween mani.
Hope you have enjoyed this Wiki'd Challenge as much as I have, and hopefully we'll be back with another very soon.
Stay safe and much love....

Wednesday 22 July 2015

The End of an Era

Thank you and Goodbye

So a bit of a different post today, but nail art still included. In September 1997 I made my first ever walk to Hilldene Primary School with my 5 year old daughter Jade, during this time I was a full time carer for my Mum and had a 3 and 1/2 year old daughter Sophie. In March 1998 I had a little boy, and Sophie started school in the September. Lewis started at the newly built nursery within the school in 2001, and my youngest came along on 2004. Ami also started at the nursery in 2007. 
Today is my last ever day of walking to Hilldene Primary School. 4 children, 18 years later and walked every single day come rain or shine! Now the end of an era. 
So what better way to celebrate this than to do 2 separate mani's on each hand.

Freehand painted pages with all my children's names and the years they started school, and pencil nails. Maybe not everyone's cup of tea for a mani, but this is perfect to celebrate today.
Thanks for reading and till next time stay safe and much love...

Saturday 18 July 2015

Tribute Nails

Jules Bianchi 

Hi all, today is a sad day in the racing and F1 world. Marussia driver Jules Bianchi sadly passed away last night. Aged only 25, he began his F1 career at the Australian Grand Prix in 2013, his last race was the 2014 Japanese, where the tragic accident happened in wet conditions. This sad news comes 9 months after the accident and Jules is the first driver to die in F1 since Ayrton Senna in 1994.
So my nails today are a red, white and blue waterfall mani in tribute to Jules.

Stay safe and much love....