Monday 31 July 2017

Beauty Big Bang

Matte Topcoat 

Hey all, to start off a new week of reviews I'm here with another for Beauty Big Bang.
Today I have an amazing Matte Topcoat, it comes in a frosted glass bottle which is a nice touch, not to get it mixed up with a regular topcoat. It costs $3.59 or £2.73 at the moment for a 15ml bottle. 
For me personally the best way to show this Matte polish, is over a black glossy polish. Just one coat and it dried to a smooth matte finish. Application was really nice with a large brush.

I wanted to try a glossy vs matte mani, which in person looks stunning, but to photograph was a complete pain!
The quality of the polish is awesome, definately one of the best matte topcoats I've tried in a long time. If you too like a matte look to your mani, then not only would I recommend this one, but also remind you of my 10% discount code TRAB10. 
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Stay safe and much love.....

Friday 28 July 2017

Charlies Nail Art Review

Tropical Nails

Wow, the first week of the holidays gone! And yes I was still waking up early :/
But hey it's almost the weekend :)
For my regular Friday reviews for Charlies Nail Art I have some water decals that only cost 89p and are super colourful.
These Tropical Flower nail wraps are so pretty and looking at the detail in them, inspired me to create a special mani. I could see looking at these decals some kind of animal print, so taking the colours in these nail wraps I made a gradient and added some stamped animal print. Applied the decals over a white polish and top coated. I really love how this man came together, and for once a image I had in my mind worked perfectly on my nails. All thanks to these beautiful decals.

I really hope you enjoy these reviews, and if you fancy treating yourself head on over to Charlies Nail Art website and don't forget to use my discount code if you place an order.
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Have a great weekend.
Stay safe and much love.....

Thursday 27 July 2017

Born Pretty Store

Hipster Stamping

For today I have created 3 completely different looking mani's using this Hipster Stamping Plate from Born Pretty Store.
BPX-L016 is a rectangular stamping plate full of single images in a variety of designs, from a dream catcher to a cassette tape, there's got to be something for everyone.
I really like how you can mix and match the images, and even the simplest of stamping can add enough detail to create a mani.
I singled out the butterfly for this dream catcher look.

The anchors are etched and stamping beautifully for my nautical mani.

And finally thus full nail deer design is super cute.

This plate took me somewhat out my comfort zone, but I'm so happy I used it as if I had to pick a favourite mani, it would have to be the anchors, as I love how clean and crisp they stamped.
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Stay safe and much love.....

Wednesday 26 July 2017


Decals of Water

Hello Hello! Yes I'm in a fun mood lol as you can tell by the title of this post. It's my eldest daughter that started this trend of speech. For example she would say 'the balm of lip' instead of lip balm, or 'the flop of flip' in place of flip flop lol.
Anyway back to the post of today! Another 2 lots of water decals from Milvart.
I was hoping to do the last 4 in this post, but sadly my time was consumed elsewhere. 
Another beautiful idilic scene and the clear version of black roses I wore a few weeks back.
N683 reminds me of Italy. I don't know why as I've never been, but just something about the look of the beautiful scenery. My hubby thought I'd hand painted these!!

J185p can be placed over any choice of colour base. I wanted to try a different look instead of water decals on each nail, so mixed it up with a complimenting glitter accent, and applied these decals over a light pink base polish.

As like all my previous posts on these decals, they are of the highest quality and most beautiful designs from Milvart.
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Till next time stay safe and much love....

Tuesday 25 July 2017

Beauty Big Bang

Holographic Pigment 

Hello lovely people, hope you are all well. I'm good, and just new I'd still be waking up at stupid o clock when I don't have too!
Anyway today I have another holo pigment that I've applied over regular polish. With my new found technique (check my video on YouTube) I'm absolutely loving all the nail pigments atm and this red one from Beauty Big Bang is a stunner!

Holographic Glitter Pigment  comes in 8 colours and costs £2.55 or $3.32. I won't bore you with my application,  So here's my swatches and check out my video tutorial below.

Just had to stamp these roses, and I got so many compliments!

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Stay safe and much love....

Monday 24 July 2017

Born Pretty Store

Nail Stamping 

There's a fare few designs I like on nails, and one of those is neon rainbow stripes. So this circular stamping plate from Born Pretty Store is right up my street! The four images are just perfect and etched well.
BP 132 round stamping plate just screams use me and I have so many ideas in mind. I have created 2 mani's that are both equally beautiful.
First up I made a rainbow gradient and stamped with Born Pretty black.

As the sun was out I just had to add a holo topcoat.

I was in love with this one that it was hard to remove for the next. Reverse stamped decals made with Born Pretty Holo polishes, and oh boy, did this one look amazing in the sun!

Now this 2nd mani I did wear for a few days. I love how this kind of stamping plate is so versatile, and colour choices are simply endless.
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Stay safe and much love....

Friday 21 July 2017

Charlies Nail Art Review

Chocolate Donuts

Well I made it! Another year of school over, 6 weeks of early mornings as I know I'll still wake up early, but knowing I don't have to get up is just fab!!
So anyway back to this post for Charlies Nail Art. Today I have these yummy 3D Chocolate Donuts nail gems.
You get 2 very detailed donuts for 29p in brown or pink, and they measure 10mm round with a flat back.
For my base I made a chocolate cream swirl look by painting my nails with a dark brown polish, and while still wet adding blobs of a lighter brown polish and swirling them round with a pin. Once dry I top coated and placed the donut on my ring finger

The flat back help secure the donut firmly on my nail, and what a fun look for a party, or National Donut Day lol.
As always my discount code is here for you to use over on the new look Charlies Nail Art website, and FacebookInstagram and
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Have a great weekend.
Stay safe and much love....