Saturday 28 February 2015

Jelly Doubled Stamped Nails

New Stamping Plate

So I have wanted to do a doubled stamped manicure for a while, and it took me ages to choose what image to stamp, as I have loads of new stamping plates. So why not choose one of those..

I am using the bottom right design for this double stamped nail art, and painted my nails with one coat of Barry M Gelly in Blood Orange, then added one coat of Sally Hansen Triple Shine in Jel-ous.

How awesome these polishes look together, so vibrant. I stamped with Moyou Nails White and used my Creative stamper.

Love this and in some respects I wish I had stopped and top coated this instead of double stamping. Before I stamped again though I applied another two coats of Jel-ous Red sheer polish, then stamped the same design with Pretty Gold Metallic polish.

Pretty Gold Metallic is a nice sheer-ish looking polish, and wasn't to bold looking. I was hoping the Triple Shine would have muted the white stamping more, but wasn't planning on adding anymore than 2 coats, as I have enough coats of polish on my nails as it is lol. It might grow on me as I really can't be bothered to take it off, well not just yest anyway!!
I'd really love to know what you think of this doubled stamped jelly nail art.
Have a great weekend and stay safe, much love...

Friday 27 February 2015

Spotted Water Marble Take 2

Spotty Marbled Nails

Hi, and I'm back with another attempt at spotted water marbling. I have seen this done and my first attempt was a fail. You see I double water marbled and it looked to busy..

So today I had another go and used a plain base colour.
Rimmel Pop your Pink, and Collection Ebony for the marble.

I added 4 drops of polish, and when all spread I sprayed with some cheapy perfume, which was a tip from Charlie over at Pocket Money Polishes, this creates spots in the polish. I made a quick video :)

If you like this and water marbled nails in general, I have a new group on Facebook.. Marbled Manicures.
Please come and take a look :)
Stay safe and much love..

Thursday 26 February 2015

A2Z and P is for..


Not many letters left in the A2Z Challenge, and the next few letters coming up have really got me thinking. I hopefully will have some exciting nail art coming watch this space!
As for P for Pale I was originally just going to paint my nails with one plain pale colour, but then that seemed to me that I was taking the easiest option, instead of pushing my self to create some nail art. So I came up with one of my favourite looks for nails, and something I have done many times before, and each time the look is different.
So my P is for Pale Patchwork..
I used some of my own made water decals to start of this mani.

Then with the pastel collection from Outdoor Girl, I filled in the gaps..

Pretty looking, but its not until the stitching detail is added, that this nail art comes to life.

I just love the way this looks, such a pretty and easy nail art to do. Next weeks Q for... will be something special if I cam pull it off!!
Click here, the main hub page were you can take a look back at all the wonderful nail art from the beginning of this challenge right up to now.
I'm really enjoying being a of the A2Z Bloggers, and hope you like what you've seen so far, till next time..
stay safe and much love..

Monday 23 February 2015

Something New

Waterfull Manicure 

Wow that a busy Monday! Kids back at school/college, I started a new group on Facebook on Water Marbling Nails, to help those find the technique difficult. If you'd like to join its Marbled Manicures.
Anyway back to today's nails and a new nail art for me to try out. I have heard of a Waterfull Mani, but never had a go, until today. But what colours...I couldn't make my mind up so used this lot..

I used Accessorize in Ivory Lace as my base colour, then did a different waterfall design using each group of 3 colours on each nail. Now I'm not sure how others do this, but I started with the darkest colour first, then the middle colour and lastly the lightest, painting thin stripes from the bottom of each nail and tapering as you reach the tip.

Not bad for a first attempt and no clue if I was doing it right lol. I will be trying this again at some point, but will use the same colours for all my nails. What do you think? I love reading you comments, and reply to each one :)
Till next time, stay safe and much love..

Saturday 21 February 2015

Freehand Roses

MUA Polishes for Freehand 

Hello everyone, I'm feeling much better today and so happy to be able to do some freehand nail art, on both hands! I've been doing so many nail challenges that I've only been painting one hand. So it was a nice change today, and I haven't done any freehand for a while. 
I was inspired by @thenailomon on instagram for this manicure, and I couldn't wait to try it myself.
The polishes I used are all from MUA,  green acrylic paint, a dotting tool and a very thin nail art brush. 

Orchid, Cherry Blossom, Steel Blue, Sweet Peach and Whitewash.

My base was white, and I dotted blobs of the four colours on my nails for the roses.

Then I added foliage with the acrylic paint and the thin brush. I did cut the bristles to make the brush thinner. I then added another two roses on the tips of my thumbs.

Using the same brush I added white detail to each of the roses, then added a few gold bits on the green with acrylic paint, to add a bit of sparkle.

Topcoat to smooth everything and leave a nice glossy finish.

I'm so so happy with these, even on my cindy hand! Especially since its been a while doing any freehand.
I would love to hear what you think?
I'm off for nanny cuddles now :)
Till next time, stay safe and much love....

Friday 20 February 2015

New Stamping Plate

Stamped Chalkboard Nails

Hey all, just a quick post today, I haven't painted my nails for 2 days, just haven't had the time. So today I wanted to try out a new stamping plate, but really not feeling it :( I'm also waiting on new polish that's being sent to me for a review.
So if you remember not that long ago I posted about some Pretty Chalkboard Polish I bought, and the freehand mani I did with them. Well I have a new plate and looking at it I thought of stamping a Chalkboard mani.
I painted my nails with the matte black from the Pretty polish and stamped designs from 2 plates and using these polishes.
This one I've had for a while, is a cheap dupe of Bundle Monster 2013 Holiday Collection, you can view the image from the plate here.

This is one of my many new plates and I bought this from a UK seller on ebay, and dispatch was super speedy :)

Look ok, but I'm not really pleased with them, and will try again when I'm feeling a bit better, and can take a bit more time, as I did rush doing these. I have a mani in mind for my normal Saturday nails, just hoping I feel well enough to do it!
So till next time, stay safe and much love...

Thursday 19 February 2015

Happy Chinese New Year

Hello and Happy Chinese New Year to you all. 19th Feb 2015 the year of the goat, though some say ram or sheep, either way I wanted to do my nails ( my second post for today!) and have gone for some simple gold stamping over red polish.
The base red is Red Rose by MUA and I stamped with Barry M Gold Foil with plates:- Konad 73 and a cheapy plate from ebay.

This red is such a bold bright colour and applies and dries nicely and quite quickly too. So happy the sun made a small appearance for today just as I was ready to photograph :) A beautiful colour alone, but the gold stamping looks so elegant. 
Stay safe much love...

A2Z and O is for..


Hello all and here I am again with another Thursday and another A2Z nail art. I was expecting this one to completely baffle me, but as soon as I had finished my Valentine's mani I knew exactly what to do for the letter O. I was rather pleased with myself as my first Valentines manicure didn't go according to plan!!
So I already had the base on my nails for the nail art, a very delicate a pretty English Rose Nail Foil.

Again in my head what I had in mind looked great, but wasn't sure if it would on my nails and over this foil. Using Collection Moonlight Shine, a purply grey polish and Moyou Nails plate 97, which id full of writing/word designs I stamped the smallest writing over the foil. 

And here's the finished look..

Yes it worked!! and I love it!! Dusky pink roses and the shade of polish for stamping does make me think it looks Old looking, I hope you think the same, I'd love to hear if you like this as much as I do. 
The Main Hub is the place to go to see all the A2Z manicures, and take a look below at the other O for Old ones, by all the awesome bloggers in the challenge :)
Till next time, stay safe and much love...