Tuesday 2 July 2013

Beauty UK Glam Nails

Beauty UK Water Marbling

I'm back to do another review on Beauty UK Glam Nails Nail Polish. The lovely people at Beauty UK sent me four of their Glam Nails polish to to a water marbling review :) I had my nails all ready prepared with two coats of white polish for this review. Beauty UK can be purchased online here,or from Superdrug. All at reasonable prices. I already have their Posh Polish, which, as all their nail polish is awesome. Not many nail polishes work well for water marbling, but Beauty UK works like a dream, and there are so many colour combinations to do. The colours I chose, and were sent to me for this review were Yellow Peril, Bright Orange, Fuchsia and Gobstopper. I already had Jelly Bean, and knew right away these colours would look so nice together. I couldn't wait to get started :)

One coat of each polish swatched over white polish, just look how awesome they look :) They rock!!

Just looking at the colours standing next to each other, just makes me think of Summer :) So bright and colourful. The next thing I'm going to try with these is an ombre rainbow design, and thinking with the sun due to make another appearance soon, adding a bit of bling with Posh Polish Twinkle Twinkle, a wicked holographic glitter top coat.. They were lovely to apply, went on the nail so smoothly, and no streaking! Even  Yellow Peril didn't steak, like most yellow polishes do.

Two coats of white polish, as this really makes bright colours pop and look brighter. Filled a paper cup with room temperature bottled water, and an orange stick to draw the design in the polish.

I did a video tutorial on YouTube, to make it easier to see what I'm doing.
This is how both hands came out, after I removed the masking tape and cleaned up. Shame there was no sun today, but still looks pretty.

I would have left my nails like this, but I had been planning on doing funny face nail are for a while, and couldn't resist lol.....

Using black acrylic paint, and a thin nail art brush, I painted a different face on each nail. Even got complimented when I went to get my daughter from school!!

What do you think? Have you tried water marbling with Beauty UK nail polish? If you have or you do, I would love to see your photos, just post them to my Facebook page.
Thanks for reading, and I reply to any comments too :)


Never normally do this, but I was so impressed with how bright and vibrant these colours were, and how well they water marbled too, I did another one!! Used two colours for each nail and made a stripey pattern.

Which colour combinations do you like the best?



  1. How amazing! Love your artwork and your blog :)

    1. Thank you so much. I enjoy doing it :)

  2. Replies
    1. They really were, I didn't want to take it off lol, might do another water marble this weekend, not sure yet :)