Wednesday 31 January 2018

Born Pretty Store

Holographic Unicorn Pigment

Well hello there! Just when I thought I was getting better I go and put my back out again! And I wouldn't mind I wasn' doing anything major at the time, just brushing my daughter's hair! Anyway, luckily I had already done my nails for this Born Pretty Store review. I have 3 holo pigment powders that are from the same collection that I was going to do in one post, but each is so stunning they deserve a blog post of their own!
Shade 4 is a beautiful purple pigment, and you get 0.5g of product. 
As with all my pigments, I applied this over regular black polish and my tacky base. Go check out my quick IG video to see how well I get this holo pigment to apply with such a smooth finish using normal polish.

Such a beautiful colour with such a strong holo quality in bright light, though even in low lighting it still is gorgeous. But just to show you all this beautiful holo-ness, out came my light box.
To protect the finish of these pigments I used this Water Based Top Coat. It's the best and only one I've used!
Oh and do you like my new discount code pic? Please use my code off your order over on the Born Pretty Store website and receive 10% discount.
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Stay safe and much love....

Tuesday 30 January 2018

Nicole Diary

Pigment Stamping

Hello, hello hope you are good. I won't bore you with life waffle lol but instead get right into this post as I've done a few different stamping techniques with this square stamping plate that comes in a bundle from Nicole Diary. 
ND105 has a varied selection of full nail images that are extremely detailed and well etched. So this week I wanted to try a few different stamping techniques and have some fu  with this plate.
First up with the image in the top right corner, I stamped with black and filled in each petal shape with different shades of blue, and a pink dot in the centre. Once the decal had dried, I cut into sections and place on my nails using foil glue. Finished with a matte top coat.
Over an off white base I stamped with flowers, and coloured them in with water colour paints, using different pinks, blues and purples in each flower for a pastel gradient effect.
Then I added some holo top coat to the flowers and over a matte base these flowers looked so pretty.
Finally stamping with pigment powders. Now this is not my idea as I seen multiple videos on YouTube, and really wanted to give it a try. So once my black base was dry, I rubbed some gold chrome pigment over a clear stamper (that I didn't mind ruining) painted and scraped the polish over the image I chose and pushed the stamper down to pick up the image over the gold chrome. Stamped onto my nails and the end result is really quite impressive!
I did use my water based polish to protect the chrome finish, then my regular fast dry top. I will so be trying this again with other pigments.
You can shop Nicole Diary on
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I have 1 more plate from thus complete bundle to show you all next week.
Stay safe and much love....

Monday 29 January 2018

Madam Glam

Dip Powder Stamping

Hi guys, how was your weekend? Remember on Friday when I said I wanted a quiet relaxing one...yh well that never happened! House full of family on Saturday, no don't get me wrong it was lovely, but you know when you just was some down time, well that was me. And here we are again, start if a new week full of reviews.
Madam Glam dipping powders have not disappointed me, the wear time is awesome. The past 4 weeks I've been rocking Social Saturday on my cindy hand and throughout those 4 weeks it retained its sane stunning sparkle, new nail growth was the only reason I removed it. Another thing I hear asked a lot is can you stamp over dipped powder nails? The answer is yes, you can do any nail art over dip powder nails. 
This gorgeous blue is called #TGIF. You can see I got a bit file happy on my middle finger!
So over this I applied my tacky base and then a mermaid pigment, the delicate white lace stamping looks perfect stamped at an angle instead of covering the full nail.

If you love dipping powders as much as I do, or want to give them a try, I really recommend these Madam Glam ones.
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Stay safe and much love.....

Friday 26 January 2018

Charlies Nail Art

Early Valentine Nails

Yay for Friday! Hi all hope you are well. Have you any plans for the weekend? I'm planning on having a quiet relaxing one, hopefully!
I know it's slightly early to start Valentine nails, but considering Easter Eggs are in the shops already, why not lol 
Charlies Nail Art stocks many various and beautiful items for the day itself and you can find them all here.
Today I have some cute iridescent hearts, these are still available but not the exact ones I have.
These Heart decals come in a bag of 100, measure 3mm x3mm and cost just 49p.
Such a simple and easy look to create, and these look striking over a black base. They stuck well with topcoat and the shift in colour is so pretty. I didn't apply topcoat over these, but if your looking for another way if applying these you could always use nail glue.

FacebookInstagram and Twitter are the best places to keep up to date with Charlies Nail Art, and should you place an order then use my discount code BNM15 to receive 15% discount.
Stay safe and much love....

Thursday 25 January 2018


Rainbow Water Decals 

Oh my what a week, and it's not even over yet!
I won't bore you with the details, let's just say I personally think I deserve a massive treat!
Also the time has come to share my last full nail water decals from Milvart.
And have I saved the best till last. This is one of my favourite type of decal, so much so that I've done a video tutorial so you can see that when I rave about how easy they are to use, that they truly are..
And on to my photos, glossy or matte?
Me I prefer the matte finish...

I really hope you've enjoy my Milvart mani's and if you haven't tried their decals yet you really should.
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Stay safe and much love....

Wednesday 24 January 2018

Born Pretty Store

Holographic Water Marble

Happy Wednesday! Oh how I can't wait for Summer! I'm so fed up of this cold gloomy weather. Even for the sun to make an appearance would be nice...ha ha.
Do you struggle with water marking? I know there are now stamping plates with these designs on, but what about this nail foil from 
Born Pretty Store. There are any choices in these foils, but the water marble one really appealed to me.

Just look at all the amazing images. This foil comes in a protective container and the strip of foil measures 4cm x 100cm. I knew this would look awesome over black polish, but painted my ring finger white just to see. So after my foil glue was dry, I picked the images I wanted to try. They applied perfectly with no problems.
Just as I expected, the holo-ness of this foil stands out better over a darker polish, but if you was after a more subtle look, then a lighter polish is best. To protect the foil from wrinkling, I used a water based polish then my regular fast dry top.
Sadly no sun to show you just how stunning the holographic rainbow is, so an indoor pic under artificial light.
I can't wait to use this again once the warmer weather arrives! And if you like water marbled nails, what a fantastic and simpler way to get them!
You can use my discount code BABX31 and check out Born Pretty Store over on Facebook,
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Stay safe and much love.....

Tuesday 23 January 2018

Revel Nail

Glitter Dip Powder

Hello my lovelies, hope I find you well this Tuesday. It's all go here with hubby not allowed out, I'm doing everything! But sure to make time to do my nails. It's my 'me time' which I find relaxing. 
Today I have a bling glitter mani to share with you all using my last two dipping powders from Revel Nail.
D96 Merry (out of stock atm) is a stunning red  with silver and red glitters. D91 Jolly is a deep green glitter. These pots are 1oz, and this particular one is in the new packaging.
I'm sure you are very familiar with the application of dipping powders by now, and glitters ones are no different.
I used Jolly as an accent and Merry on my other nails. Then added some rhinestones to totally bling the mani!

I fixed the rhinestones on with the final top coat, as this really helps the adhere and stay in place.
All the Revel Nail dip powders I've used are of a great quality and wear for 3 weeks without chipping or peeling if applied correctly. Still with the same great glossy finish. You can stamp over them, or do any nail art. You can do infills when new nail growth appears, or just remove and use another awesome colour!
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Stay safe and much love.....

Monday 22 January 2018

Beauty Big Bang

Floral Stamping 

Did you have a good weekend? Mine wasn't the best. I'm feeling much better but hubby is really bad and went hospital. Turns out he has a chest and throat infection! He has so many different medications to take, I've had to write myself a note so I don't forget. 
I really didn't think I was ever gonna get this review done, but a nice early start this morning and here I am with another square stamping plate from Beauty Big Bang.
Beauty Big Bang 16 is a stunning flower image plate with 3 full nail designs and 8 singular designs. I have also used these Black and
White polishes.
I really like how a few of the single flowers can be paired with the full nail ones. So that's exactly what I have done.
Leaving the full image plain and reverse stamped single flowers makes a unique look, as does the matte vs glossy finish.

For my second I made a rainbow gradient on all nails but leaving my ring finger white. Again making reverse stamped single flowers but this time I had a go at matching the rainbow gradient and think they came out really well. I just couldn't decide between a glossy or matte finish.

You can find all these items over on Beauty Big Bang website, plus lots more amazing items, and use my discount code TRAB10. You can pay by credit card or PayPal and free worldwide delivery.
You can also find them on FacebookInstagram
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Stay safe and much love.....