Wednesday 31 August 2016

VB Line Gel Polishes

Swatches and Review 

Hello, hello :) I'm really loving gel polishes at the moment. The ease, fast and completely dry I'm no time. The different range of gels that VB Line sell is amazing, definitely something for everyone. UV and LED curable soak off shellac gels. 
I met Michael from VB Line on the weekend, and was brought some new gels to swatch, but that's for my next post! I have today another 15 to share with you today. 
834 Transparent Brown Glitter.
917 Plum Purple Metallic.
842 Dark Grey Silver Glitter.
829 White Silver Pearl Glitter.
1017 Shiny Red Vermilion.
813 Super Dark Black.
886 Summer Yellow.
719 Shiny Rose Pink.
665 Light Rose Pink Pastel.
793 Hot Red Scarlet.
801 Light Grey White Pastel.
814 Super Red Incarnadine.
975 Snow Super White.
951 Pale Pink Shiny Rose.
666 Pastel Rose Light Pink.
As you can see a great mix of glitter, shimmer and creme finishes and pretty colours too. These gels are great to apply and quality with low to no odour. Definitely check out either or if you love gel polish, and use my code below to get 25% discount off your order.

Tuesday 30 August 2016

Nicole Diary

Stamping Plate

Hi guys I'm so glad to be back with another stamping plate review for Nicole Diary. I have another round plate that has some fun images. ND020 is great for a more unusal stamped mani.

The single images would look great for a chalkboard mani, but for my review I have stamped the barcode, chains and zip.

Simple monochrome for the barcode, and you can see how well this plate stamped. The zip I stamped on silver over a denim blue polish, and it's a nice size to multi stamp as I did. The chains were stamped gold over a black leather look polish, simple yet still striking. Totally love this plate, and you can find Nicole Diary on 
or Aliexpress
Have you tried any plates from Nicole Diary? 
Stay safe and much love..

Monday 29 August 2016

Born Pretty Chrome Glitters

Chrome Pigments 5 & 6

Hi guys, how you all doing? I'm good and what with swatching, family, kittens, kittens, family and swatching!! The days are over in the blink of an eye...
So anyways, onto the next 2 Chrome glitter pigments from Born Pretty Store. Both applied over a black gel base and no wipe topcoat. Buffed in using my finger. I do want to get one of the chisel silicone tools to try with these pigments, just to see if this makes a difference to the final chrome look.
Number 5 is a pretty deep sea green.

Number 6 is a blue that's shifts to purple in certain 6.

I do like these chromes, though they do seem a bit muted to others I've seen. This doesn't really bother me as they are super awesome in person, just hard to capture the true beauty in a photo (for me anyway!) 
My discount code is below for any order you make on Born Pretty Store website. 
I have numbers 7 and 8 left to do and hoping to have a silicone thingy tool, so come back to see if this makes these look more chrome.
Stay safe and much love...

Saturday 27 August 2016

Vivien Kondor Review

Bon Bon Scented Collection 

I can't believe how fast I'm getting through these polish collections from Vivien Kondor. But they are all great quality, super finishes and colours. Nice drying time and gorgeous finishes. The next 9 I have swatched are the Bon Bon Scented Collection. 8 very pretty shimmer glitter colours and a matte top coat. I'm not normally one for scented polishes as they give me a headache, however these ones from Vivien Kondor have the right amount of scent and not in your face over powering.
Lemon swatched with 2 coats and a glossy topcoat. You can make out the scent once the polish dries. These did have a quick-ish drying time. The scent is so lemony fresh! 
Orange again swatched with 2 coats and a very pretty shade. I guess the matte top coat comes in this collection as they do dry to a matted finish. A subtle citrus scent.
Orange with the Matte Topcoat.
Strawberry. A super red and not too sweet a scent. Swatched with 2 coats and no topcoat, so you can see the true finish of these polishes.
Wild Berries is a gorgeous deep wine shade and super vampy. Not a over powerful sweet scent.
Blue Berry is purply blue, but still stunning. A subtle berry scent.
Anise is a very lovely colour, and the scent reminded me of a herb garden.
Mint is a lime green that has a fresh scent.
Liquorice is a dark grey black and I was expecting my nails to smell like liquorice allsorts lol. I'm not sure I'd say it has true liquorice scent, but still nice smelling and subtle.
Vivien Kondor got these Bon Bon Scented Collection polishes perfectly right. I like the finish without a topcoat, which is slightly textured. The matte top coat is a good addition to anyone's polish collection, and even with a glossy topcoat the finish and sparkle on these is beautiful. So if you like a subtle scented polish then you'll love these.
FacebookInstagram and Twitter are all the places you can find Vivien Kondor.
If you love purple polishes, be sure to visit soon to see the Glowing Lavender Collection.
Thank you so much for stopping by, and till next time stay safe and much love...

Friday 26 August 2016

Charlies Nail Art

3D Nail Art

Who doesn't love a nice yummy iced donut?
My favourite icing has to be chocolate. I do really like freshly cooked donuts from the seafront too! That's enough day dreaming lol, back to this review. 
I have a pack of 2 3D Donut decals from Charlies Nail Art , that are only 29p and look so tasty. 
The detail of these decals is super, right down to the sugar sprinkle decoration. Which inspired me to paint my nails the same way, using the donut as an accent nail.

So fun and perfect for a day at the beach or a picnic. Feel free to use my discount code below to receive 15% off your order on Charlies Nail Art website. 
FacebookInstagram and Twitter are all the places you need to keep up to date with Charlie's Nail Art.
As always stay safe and much love....

Thursday 25 August 2016

VB Line Gel

Swatches and Review

How you all doing? I'm super busy here with reviews, loving the few days of decent hot weather here and looking after 5 kittens who are now 5 weeks old! So well and truly being kept on my toes..
I have another 10 gel polishes from VB Line, but I'll start this review with my 25% discount code that you can use on either or
So into the swatches. All with 2 coats and topcoat, curing in between each coat.
599 Dark Blue Shiny Metallic. Oh my this shade is utterly amazing. The right amount of shimmer and perfect in every way.
582 Purple Rose Mirror Glitter is a very pretty and delicate shade, the glitters are perfectly distributed for even coverage.
664 Light Peach Pink Pastel is an awesome neutral creme.
588 Light Rose Mirror Glitter is super special, so elegant with silver glitters.
578 White Pearl Gold Glitter is another beautiful shimmer shade, so unique and bling.
994 Neon Super Blue...Wowzers! This is one vibrant colour and completely and utterly me.
808 Super Neon Pink Rose is again a super bright shade and another of my fav colours.
696 Shiny Yellow Sun is more transparent than the previous 2 neons, but still a pretty colour.
810 Super Neon Hot Orange... back to the in your face shades! Absolutely loving how bright this Orange is.
922 Purple Pearl Metallic is a lovely pinky purple colour. The shimmer is simply beautiful.
As you can see the amazing range of finishes and colours you can purchase from VB Line. All great quality and I love how the colour of each gel is at the top of the lid, to make choosing a colour easier. Though with the amount to choose from it could also be difficult!!
You can find VB Line over on Facebook,
Instagram and Twitter, and don't forget about my discount code.
Stay safe and much love...