Saturday 27 July 2013

Feather Nail Art

Spotty nails for Saturday

Hello all again :) As I said the other day when I tried out the craft feather nail art on a swatch nail, I have done my own nails with them. I wasn't going to, as I wanted to do a water marble, but as I have done a few water marbles, I thought it could wait till next week. But that depends on how well the feathers stay on my nails! It was quite tricky and fiddly to do. The bit I found the hardest was to cut around the excess feather, without ruining the design or cutting into my nail. For a first attempt I'm very happy with how they look. Not as smooth as I was expecting, but that could be down to how I cut them, and this being my first time in trying this effect for a nail art design. Really not sure how long the feathers will stay on my nails, I have applied top coat over them three times. But only time will tell. Would I do this again? Yes I definitely would, maybe try something different aswell :) I will let you know how long they stay on, and how well they last, and also how easy they are to remove!! I was planning to do a video tutorial, but my video camera (which was a gift) takes batteries, and I didn't realise I had run out :( However I did a photo slide video tutorial, as I think this is easier than me trying to explain lol. If you try this, I would love to see, just your photos on my Facebook page, or any other nail art, I would love to see :)
Thanks as always for reading :)

Hedy's Manishma in Space Silver, is a very cheaply priced holographic nail polish, they I purchased a while back from Cosmetic Fairy. But the price aside, its a very sparkly and pretty nail polish, with a nice rainbow glitter effect in the sun. I did a quick video just to show this awesomeness :) Head over to my Facebook Page to see, as I couldn't get that video on here :(
So I'll leave you with my photo slide tutorial, and if you have and comments or questions feel free to leave me a comment :)


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