Thursday 31 August 2017


Full Nail Water Decals 

So to end this month I'm here with a gorgeous full sheet water decals from Milvart. With school starting soon, my eldest daughter's birthday and hopefully something exciting starting soon (watch this space!) I only had time to wear 1 set of decals.
N922 is a complete full sheet of decals, that you can cut to size, however you chose to. So I measured my nails and cut.
I made a short video over on my Instagram, so you can see how easy these decals are to apply and clean up.
Topcoat really does make them look even better, as well as protecting them from possible peeling and scratches.

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Instagram. You truly won't be dissapointed with the quality of these decals.
Stay safe and much love....

Wednesday 30 August 2017

Moyou Nails Fashion

Peel off Polish and Pigment 

Howdy! I have a special post and the last on these Peel Off Polishes from Moyou Nails Fashion. I had a feeling from wearing these polishes, as they dry with a sort of rubbery feel, that these nail powders, pigments and Flakies would work well.
So I painted my nails with the black Rock 'n' Roll and with four different nail powders I started my experiment.

So as you can see my thinking was right. As long as you don't let the peel off polish dry for too long, these different nail powders etc.. all applied nicely. 

Stay safe and much love....

Tuesday 29 August 2017

Beauty Big Bang

Dried Flowers 

Welcome back! How are you all? I'm good, just been in pain with my back the last couple of days. All from a few years ago when I tore a muscle in my back!
Anyway, here I am with my next review for Beauty Big Bang. If you love dried flower nails, then you'll love this colourful wheel of dried flowers.
Each tiny flower is so delicate, and you get a nice selection of colours. There are roughly 3 of each colour. I wanted to try two different looks with these flowers, and my first I encapsulated some in dipping powder as an accent nail.

Next up I create an oldy worldy script base and applied the flowers with top coat. Finally adding a matte top coat to finish the look.
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Thank you for stopping by and as always stay safe, much love.. .

Monday 28 August 2017

Born Pretty Store

Aurora Nail Powder

Here's to the start of another week! Hello. Normally I have to wait at least 3/4 weeks for my Born Pretty items to arrive, but this latest lot only took 8 days!! So many gorgeous items I have to show you over the coming weeks, and it was so easy to choose the first!
This blue Aurora Mermaid Powder in shade 2 is a very high quality powder, I'll admit I was rather surprised by the tiny amount in the pot, but a little goes a long way! I chose to apply this over black polish and oh my, the finish over regular polish was the best I've ever had. You can see the application video over on my Instagram. Shown below with no topcoat.

The water based top coat is also from Born Pretty, and as you'll see in my photos below, the finish stats the same and looks even more stunning with a glossy look.

I've been seeing so many beautiful macro shots just lately that I got my macro lens back out and had a got myself! Still need a bit more practise but love this shot.
This pigment can also be used over other colour polishes to give an awesome mermaid sheen.
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Stay safe and much love....

Saturday 26 August 2017

Kiara Sky

Rainbow Dipped Nails

With everything that's happened this year, my hubby getting a new job, our cat having kittens, decorating the whole house, and of course all my reviews, I completely forgot to review a few colours from the dipping powders from Kiara Sky.
So today I made sure this was the one and only thing I did and decided to try an ombre look with 3 stunning dipping powders.
The pink is Pink Slippers, the purple is
Iris and Shine, and the blue is Skies The Limit. So after prepping my nails, I carefully created my rainbow ombre, but dusting each colour onto the wet base. I topped with with a irridescent pigment. 

Super pretty on its own and these 3 colours work together so well. But I felt it was missing something, so stamped with this tropical image...

I really like how a spec I'd of each colours pops through the stamped flowers and leaves.
These Kiara Sky Dipping Powder are so nice and easy to use, and to remove, it's just like a soak off gel mani. Buff off shine, then wrap in foil with cotton wool and acetone. I also like to cover my cuticles with oil before soaking off.
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Have a great weekend  :)
Stay safe and much love...

Friday 25 August 2017

Charlies Nail Art Review

Sweet Treat Stickers

Yes F1 is back this weekend! Lol I'm a true Formula 1 fan and have waited for its return. Almost the end of the school holidays too. They never went this quick when I was a kid!!
So anyway for my Charlies Nail Art review I have these super cute nail stickers. £1 will get you this lovely sheet of Sweet Treat Stickers.

How cute are these! Nice colourful detail and great to get different sizes. The flowers are a long strip you can cut to size. For my nails I tried to create a sweet wafer look. The stickers peeled easily from the backing and adhered nicely. Protecting them with a layer of top coat.

Love the final look, a perfect for a kids birthday party, or if you fancy some sweet, cute nails! As always my discount code is below for you to use over on Charlies Nail Art website.
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Stay safe and much love  

Thursday 24 August 2017

Moyou Nails Fashion Part 3

Peel Off Polishes 

So here I am, with my final post showing the last 3 brand new peel off polishes from
These last ones are 2 solid colours and another glitter. As with my previous Peel Off Polishes posts, there is a video showing how easy these peel from your nails, as well as some other information.
So these final colours are...
Firey Flamenco, a stunning bright red creme that's very pigmented. I found if you accidentally get some on your skin, let it dry and peel it off. Acetone works but peeling it off is so much better.
This black creme is Rock 'n' Roll. Again very pigmented, and a lovely glossy smooth finish. Another top, I was experimenting different drying methods and found a quick blast with a hair dryer on a cool setting works really well!
And lastly the gold glitter. Fancy Jazz is a super shimmery colour and doesn't leave a textured finish. This one was slightly sheerer and took 3 coats, where as the others only needed 2.

And for the full collection. Well here's what they look like all together..
A nice mix of colours and finishes, and for a brand new polish that's non toxic, has no odour and can peel straight off, it's a great collection.

I'm hoping that Moyou Nails Fashion also make a peel off base and top coat to go with this collection. As if your not entirely happy painting these straight on to your bare nails, you can use a peel off base coat first.
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Stay safe and much love.....

Wednesday 23 August 2017

Beauty Big Bang

Rose Gold Chrome 

Hello lovlies, middle of the week and still sorting out this week's reviews, photos all ready just posts need writing up! I also received my latest items to review from 
Beauty Big Bang. The first of these new goodies I'm trying out is the Rose Gold Chrome Pigment. You get 2g of this lush looking powder in a handy little pot, and a sponge applicator. 

For a change, I applied this over red polish, you can use black or white, or basically any colour you want to get a different effect. But red was my go to colour today. As per usual I also used my tacky topcoat. The powder applied so well and I buffed to get as much of a chrome look as I could using regular polish.  The first 3 swatch photos are without Top coat.

Then I used a water based top coat then my fast dry topcoat and here's how they look...

I will try this rose gold pigment again over black, just to see if there is much different to the finished look, but for now this is so shiny and such a lush colour.
Beauty Big Bang has so many stunning products, and not just for nails, go take a look at their website.
Use my discount code on any order you make and you can pay by credit card or PayPal and get free worldwide delivery too!
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Stay safe and much love....