Monday 29 July 2013

Blog Vote

What to do next?

Just for fun, I'm running a poll here and on my Facebook Page, Nutty About Nails And Polish. One question with three answers, about what nail art you would like to see next. You can comment here, or over on my Nutty about Nails and Polish page :)

What Nail Art would you like to see next?
Just comment with:
1 for Neon Water Marble
2 For Zip Water Decal Design
3 for Leather Look using Crackle Polish

The one with the most votes by mid-night on Friday, I will do on Saturday.

As I said it for a bit of fun, never done anything like this before. Fingers crossed it goes well :) Thanks for reading..

Happy Voting :)

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  1. Hello i'm just here to say that i've just discovered your blog and I love it! I'm not sure what to answer the survey with..,all of then would be great!

  2. Hello and welcome :) thank you so much. I was thinking the same lol, leather effect using crackle polish, with the zip water decal opening to show a neon water marble! Hetic to do but got me thinking x

  3. Hey! I love your blog! You are so creative! ♥

    Keep it up :)

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    1. Hi, thank you so much, it means alot when I get comments like this :)

  4. Very creative, I love getting nail inspiration. Pls do the leather look, it'll be perfect for A/W. Following you now on your blog and bloglovin' :o)

    1. Hi, thanks for your lovely comment :) also following you on bloglovin and on your blog x

  5. You have a really great, and inspiring blog!!
    Maybe would you like to follow each other via Bloglovin and Gfc?
    kiss :*

    1. Thank you so much for a really lovely comment :) Be glad to follow each other :)
      x x

  6. Wow! I love your blog! :)
    Follow? ;)
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    1. Hello and thank you. Would be great to follow each other :) x