Sunday 31 August 2014

Fun in the Sun!

Sun inspired Water Marble

Hey all again, I wasn't expecting to be doing my nails again so soon, but as I wasn't really keen on the colour blocking mani from yesterday and wanted to try the Beauty UK Tropical polish collection for a water marbled mani, and there is a Fun in the Sun themed nail art going on today on facebook, I thought why not. The polish wasn't the problem for the colour blocking, it was my personal preference to how they looked. Just being fussy lol.

From the 6 polishes I only used 3 for the Sun inspired water marble.

For me these 3 polishes are so Summer colours, and look so pretty next to each other. I wanted to do a soft looking sun burst design with no sharp lines. So I drew a flower in the rings of polish and dipped to get half the petals on my nails.

Without topcoat

With topcoat
Just look how the colours look different in the sun to the shade, so pretty and a shiny finish even before I finished them with a topcoat. As like all the other polishes I have from Beauty UK, these work really well for water marbling :)
You can get the Tropical polish Collection from Beauty UK or Superdrug Stores and online.
I do love me a water marble and will hopefully be doing some Autumn inspired ones in the coming months.
Thanks for stopping by, stay safe and much love...

Saturday 30 August 2014

Colour Blocking Nails

Beauty UK Tropical Collection

Hello all, I hope you are all good. The past few days I haven't been in the mood to do anything with my nails, but they had some pampering without any polish on as I've been oiling them and they look so much better. Anyway for today's nails, (and I really needed a kick up the bum to do this ha ha) I have used the Beauty UK Tropical Nail Polish that I won. I was planning on doing a water marble with these polishes, as I know they work really well, but I'm now saving that for another time. I have done a Colour Blocking Mani today using striping tape and french manicure straight guide strips. I put some of my striping tape on an old medical tape dispenser to make it easier to use them.

So I randomly stuck the tapes to my nails, painting with white polish and totally dry.

And with Beauty UK black polish too, I filled in the gaps. Working on one nail at a time, and carefully removing the tape once all the gaps were filled. The places where the polish went onto the white part once the tape was taken off, I just carefully went over again with white polish to neaten the look.

Not bad for a first attempt at this, and nice and colourful too for a last Summer mani. It is weird how as the weather changes and going into Autumn my mindset has already changed to Autumnal colours. 
Not sure how long I will keep this mani on as its still growing on me, drop me a comment, I'd love to know what you think .
Till next time stay safe and much love..

Tuesday 26 August 2014

Nail Painting Salon part 2

Using the Painting Salon

Hey all again, another short post following on from my earlier one on the new Nails Painting Salon I got today. I was itching to try it out just to see how well it does work, and I can say I'm blown away by the results. I used Gosh Holographic polish, and once I had sized all my nails to what disc to use it was time to try it out...

I have just shown my thumb, but can assure you it worked to same for all my fingers. Lined up in the right size slot.

Painted with one coat of polish. I did the second coat of polish the same way. The next photo is all nails with two coats of polish, and as you can see nothing to clean up around the nail, there might be a tiny bit to clean up round my cuticles, but thats all!! Amazing or what....I admit it did seem fiddly at first, I mean for someone who is so used painting my nails with a flat hand on my table. But to save up on cleanup of any polish I will be using this again.

Well that's all for today, thanks for stopping by, feel free to drop me a comment :)
Stay safe and much love...

Nail Painting Salon

New toys :)

Just a quick post today. I just got a new nail painting salon, which you may have seen before. I got mine from ebay, but they are also sold in The Works. I have got better at painting my nails, but still have some clean up to do. If this helps me I will be very happy. It might take me a while to get used to using it, but for the price I thought I'd give it a go. Especially for glitter and shimmer polish that can be a right pain to clean from your skin!

As you can see you get 3 different size nail disc's and some pretty stickers.

In the little draw is a screw holder to hold the disc you choose in place, and a nail polish bottle holder. The first time I tried to open the draw the little handle popped out! Then I realised you had to unscrew the handle before the draw would open lol.

Can't wait to try this out, and will be using this for my next mani. So stay tuned :)
Till then stay safe and much love..

Saturday 23 August 2014

Gradient Nails

Vampy Gradient Nails

Happy Saturday everyone :) I'm happy today as F1 is back after their Summer break. Not long of the school holidays left either, they have flown past this year! Anyway back to todays nails. I have another manicure done with Beauty UK polishes. My first dark and almost Autumn look of this year. I have made a gradient look used with red and black polish. 
Painted my nails with two coats of  Beauty UK Posh Polish Gel FX in Poppy Red and added a matte topcoat.

Now for me dark polish like red and black are a pain to clean up, and as I would be using a makeup sponge to make the gradient I wanted an easier way of cleaning up after. I could have used tape like I do for water marbling, but that seemed too much hassle lol. I've heard a lot of people talking about using PVA glue, so I gave it a go..Bought the glue from my local pound shop and have a clean empty polish bottle ready to pour some in. I did add some water but it made the glue to thin, so emptied and refilled the bottle and left it like that. 

Painted the glue around my nails and made the gradient using the Poppy red and Glam Polish in Black.

Then I picked the glue off and was only left with a small amount of cleanup to do :) 

Used the Ultra Gloss topcoat and oh boy what a shine!!

Love love love this mani :) It still amazes me how adding a topcoat really can finish off a manicure! These two colours work so well together, although looking at my nails to the photos, the red does look a tiny bit darker. What do you think?
Have a fab Bank Holiday Weekend and thanks for stopping by :)
Stay safe and much love...

Friday 22 August 2014

Movie Inspired Nails

Let's go to the Movies

Hey all, its feel's like I've been away for ages, but sadly that's just called life!! Anyway I'm here again with another Inspired by manicure for the next theme, 'Let's go to the Movies'. I'm not really a film person, music is more my thing, but this has been a mani I have wanted to try and never got round to it. The film I have chosen for my inspiration is Burlesque, and have done a red corset nail art.

Polishes used for this mani from Beauty UK. I started with the pink from the French Manicure set. 3 coats in total to get the look I wanted.

 I have done a step by step photo for this mani.

The last thing to do is the lace up detail. and the finished mani looks like this. I love the way the dots add the detail and lace effect.

So happy with this and how it looks. Hope you like it too, would love to hear what you think, leave me a comment and I always reply :) 
Stay safe and much love...

Saturday 16 August 2014

Pink Patchwork and Makeup review

Nails and Eyes

Hello again, I'm going to dive straight in to this post as I have lots of pics and bits to review from my Beauty UK prize package. 
I'll start with my nails first. Now I'm sure you all know how much I love Patchwork Nails! I have done another patchwork mani, but using the same colour polish in different shades.

Three coats of Hope, a nice polish from the Paint for Life Collection. I then used black acrylic paint to mark out the patchwork. Something I don't normally do when doing this mani.

I used Strength and filled in the smaller squares, and Beauty UK French white for some of the others.

Then using Love and Strength added dots, flowers and stripes.

Again with the acrylic paint for the tiny stitches to bring the mani together.

Topcoated with the 5 in 1 base and topcoat.

This topcoat was so nice to use, and dries quickly too. Another great polish in the Nail Care Range. But I wasn't looking for a shiny finish for this nail art. I only used this to seal all the paint and polish.

I think this looks so much better with a matte finish :) Although I was unsure of this style of patchwork at first, I love it now.
Next up is some of the makeup I also got. This is a bit out of my comfort zone as I don't really wear much makeup now.

Posh Palette no.2 Masquerade

Matte Bronzer no.1 Medium and Shimmer box no.1 Bronze

High Brow Eyebrow kit

CC Cream shade 10 Natural, Conceal and Correct no.1, CC Cream shade 20 Fawn, Conceal and Correct no.2, Eyeshadow Primer in Beige and Define FX Mascara in Black.

I started by moisturizing my face and then used both concealers mixed together under my eyes. Again I mixed both CC Creams together, and applied all over my face. I used the Bronze and the Shimmer box all over my face too.Defined my eyebrows with the kit and primed my eyes.
The concealer and CC Cream were both nice to use, leaving my face feeling soft. The eyeshadow primer was my fav of the lot as it made my eyelids feel soft and silky. I also used the darkest colour in the eyebrow kit to define under my eyes. 3 colours from the Masquerade Posh Palette eyeshadow. The primer made the shadow go on and smooth out really nicely. Finally the mascara. As it said on the label it is not clumping, leaving a nice coat on my eyelashes. All in all this make up range is very good and nice to apply, and great for a high street brand. Don't worry I'm not just leaving it there lol. Here is a before and after pic.....

The others in this range are..

Posh Palette no.1 Eden

Posh Palette no.4 Galaxy

Posh Palette no.3 Festival

Matte Bronzer no.2 Dark and Shimmer Box no.2 Rose

CC cream shade 30 Biscuit and Conceal and Correct no.3
So as you can see from these new Beauty UK products, there is something to suit everyone :)
All of these products are available from the Beauty UK web site, or Superdrug stores.

Hope you liked both parts of this review. I had fun doing it :)
Have a great weekend stay safe and much love...