Sunday 28 September 2014

Share The Love :)

Share the love blog post

Hey all again, I'm in a rather happy mood today and thought I would join in with many other bloggers and do a share the love post, sharing with all of you lovely people some of the other beautiful nail bloggers out there. Some you may know and follow already, others you might not. But each of us in our own way rock at doing nails :)

Just how awesome does everyones nails look together :) I hope you enjoy looking at their blogs and nails as much as I do xx

Saturday 27 September 2014

Autumn Leaves

First Mani of Autumn

Hello all again, back with my normal Saturday Nails and feels good to be blogging again on a Saturday, as I did really miss doing a post last weekend. Anyway, before I start with today's manicure, following on from my last post on Nutra Nails Gel Perfect Polish, I did say I'd share the removal of it with you all. I use large cotton wool pads to remove my polish, so I cut these into smaller pieces, soaked them in acetone and had some foil squares already. Basically how most ladies remove glitter polish with the foil method.
I left them on for about 3 mins, and wasn't sure what to expect with I took them off..

Please excuse my naked nails, but as you can see it was a perfect removal :) You can see how the gel polish soaked into the acetone cotton pad, and nothing was left on my nails at all!

So back to today's mani, and my first one of the new season. I started out with a polish I bought for Autumn last year but never got around to using it properly. This is two coats and no topcoat.

A very rich berry red from Me Me Me called Seductive. Then using Bundle Monster plate BM04 I stamped the largest leaf in random places on each nail using these polishes.

Metallic Orange, Butter-fly Stroke and Inspiring.
It took a while, but here is the cleaned up look with no topcoat.

And with topcoat...

The metallic orange and Sally Hansen Yellow stamped really well, the Me Me Me dark green just left a subtle look. Its very similar to the Autumn Leaves I did last year, but still a look I like, and think is very effective. What do you think? 
I will be back on Wednesday with a very special and personal mani that I really can't wait to do and share with you all, so till then have a fantastic weekend, stay safe and much love...

Thursday 25 September 2014

Nutra Nail Gel Perfect

My First Gel Manicure

Hello all again, as promised here is my review of the Nutra Nails Gel Perfect 5 minute Gel-Color Manicure. This is my first ever time at using this product and my first ever gel mani! I have been thinking about getting a UV lamp and some gel polishes, but just incase I didn't like or get on with it I thought for £1 I would try this first. I found this along with a few other colours in my local PoundWorld and have heard that they do retail for £15!! The shade I have tried is Orchid, a very pretty deep berry shade polish.

With bare nails, I followed the instructions and lightly buffed and pushed my cuticles back. I opened the lid for all three bottles, as you do have to work quite quick when applying this. The only thing I did differently to the instructions was to do one nail at a time. It does say to do 5, but as the activator has to stay wet, I thought it may dry on the first nail I paint, by the time I painted the last. So after I painted the activator all over my nail, minding my skin and cuticle I too the polish brush, slightly wiped polish off as I took it out the bottle and placed the brush on the middle of my nail, the reason for this is the gel polish spreads out over the wet activator, the I started to brush and cover the nail. I did this on all nails on one hand. Then went back and started again doing the same thing and giving each nail a second coat. In between painting nails, I swapped the brush with the one in the brush cleaner bottle, as it tells you to do to stop the brushes getting clogged and clumped with the gel polish.
This is after the first coat of activator and gel polish,  as you can see I still managed to get some of it in my skin, I did find the polish spread very easy and was hard to control, but remember this was my first ever time trying this product. 

After the second coat I was able to clean up the mistakes with acetone and a brush, took a bit longer than a normal mani clean up, but still worked.

You can also see the colour better, as the flash went off with the first photo. I can say it did dry very very quickly, and was completely dry in under 5 minutes with a beautiful smooth glossy finish. Even my cindy hand came out good :)

For £1 I would recommend this to anyone whos interested in gel mani's, but I wouldn't pay £15, as the bottles are only small, 5ml gel polish, and there doesn't seem to be much activator in the bottle either. So my first gel mani and time trying this overall I'm really happy. For removal although Nutra Nail have a No Mess Express cleaner, which I was unable to find even though I wasn't really looking for it, the instructions say you can soak it off with acetone and foil. I will report back on my next blog post what the removal of this was like. 
Have you got or tried this before, or do you think it will be something you might try, I'd love to know, just drop me a comment.
Till next time stay safe and much love...

Wednesday 24 September 2014

Red Roses for a Special Mum

Freehand Nail Art

Hello all, and let me first say I', so so sorry I haven't blogged for a while. Things have been hectic here and I wasn't feeling too great myself. I also had to file my nails as it seemed since I changed the shape of them I became more clumsy and have now ended up with 2 nail patched :( and every time I painted them it flopped and I didn't like what I had done.
On to todays nails, and has this day come around quickly again! For today it would have been my Mum's 70th birthday, and its so hard to believe that 20 years ago we were planning a surprise 50th party for her. I always do a Red Rose Nail Art on this day, and wanted today's to be very special. I started out by painting 2 coats of Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud.

Such a pretty colour and a perfect background for the freehand red rose's I was going to do.

I used these 3 acrylic paints, a dotting tool and a very fine detail brush to do the roses and leaves.

Then with the same fine detailing brush and the white paint, I added the rose detail.

The topcoat smooths out the acrylic paint and brings the nail art to life :)

Im so so happy with how these look, I hope you like them too :)
I have some new polish to review, gel nails that don't need a UV lamp to cure them! Never tried it before myself, but have been looking into gel nail polish, and thought I'd give this a try before investing in a UV lamp.
So till then stay safe and much love...

Monday 15 September 2014

Polka Dots part 3/4

Rainbow Polka Dots

Hello all, hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was a busy one, but I still found time to do my nails again for a Disney themed event on facebook. 

Yet another Polka Dot mani, but making Mickey faces and Minnie's bow. I painted the bow freehand, filled in with the same red polish as my fingers and added the white dots. Although there are many different ways you can make a pretty polka dot nail art, the following one is the last in this theme of blog posts.
After painting my nails with one coat of Pretty matte black, I added random dots with a small dotting tool and MUA Whitewash.

Now this looks pretty like this and not the usual way I do dots on my nails, this was because I will be dotting over the white with rainbow coloured polishes, and just wanted the white to make the colours stand out more on the black base polish.

Jess polish in Satsuma, Playmate and Go Getter. La Femme Soul, a cheapy neon green polish, MUA Red Rose and the Blue I got from Primark. 
This was time consuming, but I dotted over each white dot with the same size dotting tool, and the end result looks amazing!

I waited for all the polish to dry before adding a topcoat, as I didn't want to smear any of the dots..

They remind me of Smarties :) and really colourful, I do love me a rainbow mani :) If you fancy having a go at this, be sure to share your photos on my facebook page
I'm still undecided about the next theme, so if you have any requests just comment below, and until next time, stay safe and much love...

Saturday 13 September 2014

Cheap Polish for Stamping

Pretty Metallic Polish

Hey all again, just a quick post as I wanted to share this with you all. I will be using these polishes for a manicure at some stage, but for now I swatched them on fake nails. First up is the base, MUA new polish called Midnight. A very deep, dark and beautiful blue. The main reason for this blog post is to let you all know that if you use stamping plates for manicures and want a really cheap Gold and Silver polish that stamps really well, then head on down to Poundland and grab yourself Pretty Metallic in Gold and Silver. I only bought these polishes to try them for stamping, and so glad I did. Just look at the results..

Great for stamping...yes. Hope you find this post helpful, and get yourself a bargain stamping polish too :)
Till next time...