Monday 29 July 2013

Blog Vote

What to do next?

Just for fun, I'm running a poll here and on my Facebook Page, Nutty About Nails And Polish. One question with three answers, about what nail art you would like to see next. You can comment here, or over on my Nutty about Nails and Polish page :)

What Nail Art would you like to see next?
Just comment with:
1 for Neon Water Marble
2 For Zip Water Decal Design
3 for Leather Look using Crackle Polish

The one with the most votes by mid-night on Friday, I will do on Saturday.

As I said it for a bit of fun, never done anything like this before. Fingers crossed it goes well :) Thanks for reading..

Happy Voting :)

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Saturday 27 July 2013

Feather Nail Art

Spotty nails for Saturday

Hello all again :) As I said the other day when I tried out the craft feather nail art on a swatch nail, I have done my own nails with them. I wasn't going to, as I wanted to do a water marble, but as I have done a few water marbles, I thought it could wait till next week. But that depends on how well the feathers stay on my nails! It was quite tricky and fiddly to do. The bit I found the hardest was to cut around the excess feather, without ruining the design or cutting into my nail. For a first attempt I'm very happy with how they look. Not as smooth as I was expecting, but that could be down to how I cut them, and this being my first time in trying this effect for a nail art design. Really not sure how long the feathers will stay on my nails, I have applied top coat over them three times. But only time will tell. Would I do this again? Yes I definitely would, maybe try something different aswell :) I will let you know how long they stay on, and how well they last, and also how easy they are to remove!! I was planning to do a video tutorial, but my video camera (which was a gift) takes batteries, and I didn't realise I had run out :( However I did a photo slide video tutorial, as I think this is easier than me trying to explain lol. If you try this, I would love to see, just your photos on my Facebook page, or any other nail art, I would love to see :)
Thanks as always for reading :)

Hedy's Manishma in Space Silver, is a very cheaply priced holographic nail polish, they I purchased a while back from Cosmetic Fairy. But the price aside, its a very sparkly and pretty nail polish, with a nice rainbow glitter effect in the sun. I did a quick video just to show this awesomeness :) Head over to my Facebook Page to see, as I couldn't get that video on here :(
So I'll leave you with my photo slide tutorial, and if you have and comments or questions feel free to leave me a comment :)


Thursday 25 July 2013

Spotty Feathers..

Feather Nail Art

Hey all, I'm here yet again with a quick post as I was going to leave this till the weekend, but just tried it out on a practice nail to see how it looked, and its wicked :) What is it you are thinking. Its nail art using feathers. I have only just seen this once before, and have heard that Ciate are bringing out a Feathered Manicure Kit in September, and will be in Selfridges for £20. So I looked on ebay, and found some coloured spotty craft feathers for a few pounds, since they have been delivered, and were so pretty I ordered another :)

I started by painting a swatch nail with two coats of Hedy's Manishma Holograhic in Space Silver, and choosing a feather to apply to the nail.

The feathers come in all different sizes, so I just used this small one for this post. I applied a third coat of Space Silver to the nail, and while its still wet laid the feather on top and gently pressed it down. When the polish had dried, I just used a top coat to smooth the surface and protect the feather. If the feather is too big, you can just cut it down once the top coat had dried. If you cut the feather before to attach it to the nail, it might fall apart. 

A very simple, effective and different nail art design. I'm so doing this at the weekend, with a different colour spotty feather on each nail. That's unless something else comes to mind lol. 
What do you think, would you or have you tried this?
As always, thank you for taking a look. Would be great to hear from you :)


Wednesday 24 July 2013

2true Pro Metallica

Metallic Polish by 2true

I was excited to see that 2true have a Pro range now. A bit more pricey than the normal 2true products, but still worth every single penny :) I already bought their Salon Shine Pro polish, when Superdrug had their last 3 for 2 on all make up, I did a review here. This was an awesome polish, so when 2true announced they had a new nail polish, called Pro Metallica, I couldn't wait to try it. Although there are five wicked colours in this range, I straight away had three favourites. Also with my nail polish collection still growing, when I should be on a no buy lol, I couldn't justify getting all five! So again Superdrug were doing a 3 for 2 on all nail products, and luckily my local store had them :) I grabbed the three that I wanted, but they didn't go through as 3 for 2 :( till I questioned the cashier, and she did it for me, as they know me in there ha ha :)
So the three I got are Aphrodite - a gorgeous pink, Artemis - a lovely purple, and Athena - a nice shade of blue. I like the way these polishes have Greek Goddess names. Aphrodite the Greek Goddess of love and beauty. Artemis the Greek Goddess of animals, and Athena the Greek Goddess of wisdom and courage. 

Athena, Aphrodite and Artemis.

As a metallic polish, I was hoping it could also be used for stamping designs. I was proved right. A lovely size brush, nice to apply, easy a one coater, and no streaking. I did see some streak marks, but they disappeared as the polish dried :) dries pretty quick too. 

So on my practice hand, I painted one nail each colour. I wanted to see how well all three colours would stamp on black and white. As you can see from the photo, they are awesome as a plain polish, or for stamping. They show up so well on both light and dark polish :) bonus as stamping polish is so expensive.

Have you got these, or will you be treating yourself to some? Have you tried stamping with metallic polish? Drop me a comment, and I'll reply to you :) Thanks for reading, have a great week :)


Sunday 21 July 2013

Nautical Theme Nail Art

Nautical Nails

Yesterday on Twitter I joined in a challenge posted by @FBLbloggers. Each month there is a theme, and a new one starts on the 1st of every month. This is the first one, and whatever someone blogs about it don't matter, as long as its to do with the theme of that month. This one is a Nautical Theme, and with August just around the corner, I thought I would do my take on Nautical Themed Nails. I wanted to try to be different, and stay away from the usual red and white and blue and white stripes, but also stay with the theme. So opted to have an anchor and ship's wheel design, but polka dots and not stripes. 

These are the bits I used to create this design, I didn't even know that the stamping plate QA3 had an anchor and wheel pattern on it lol. Konad Stamping Polish in Red and Dark Blue. Technic Nail Polish in Midnight and 2true in Shade 41 for the polka dots. 
I started with two coats of white polish, stamped the design and the added the polka dots. Very simple to do, and looks very pretty. I thought this Nautical Theme would be hard to do, but I'm happy with the final result :) What do you think?

As I had only done my nails yesterday, and love whats on them, and a new theme with be out soon, I did this on my practice hand. But for the next theme I will do them on my nails :)
As always, thank you for reading :)


Textured Nail Polish

Beauty UK Grit FX

After last week, I wasn't planning on be back here so soon! So hey all, I hope you like this review on Beauty UK Grit FX Nail Polish. A while back Orly and Zoya came out with a textured nail polish. Orly Liquid Sand, and Zoya Pixie Dust. Well as nice as they looked I wasn't prepared to pay for them, as I think they are too expensive. So I had a go at making my own. Blog post here. 
Then Beauty UK launched their own.... Grit FX! I was so excited to try these. Out of all of the six colours, I had three favourties. £3.49 each, but with Superdrug doing a 3 for 2 on all nail products, I took advantage :) My local Superdrug didn't have them stocked, so I asked my daughter to look in another store near to where she works. Yay they had them, and I couldn't wait for her to get home! I was like a kid at Christmas lol. From the Posh Polish range, so more to add to my growing collection. I wasn't sure how these would be, but as normal Beauty UK have done it again :) another awesome polish. So nice to apply, no streaking and could easy get away with one coat of polish. But I always do two. Nice size brush aswell. 

Kensington, Birdcage and Shoreditch.

Now I love bright pinks and blues, and not normally one for neutral colours, but Kensington is just too beautiful, so I have been converted. I love the lids too, so blingy and sparkly :)

Three wicked colours, but Kensington is just so so beautiful. I would so recommend anyone who loves nail polish to go and get these, you wont be disappointed :)
Thanks for reading and I'll see you very soon.....


Saturday 20 July 2013

Free Hand Painted Roses

Glitter and Rose Nail Art

Hello everyone (again) I'm here with my normal Saturday Nail Art. I have been wanting to do this design all week, but wanted to keep it on my nails longer than a day, so that's why I didn't include it in my Week of Nail Art. It's a very pretty Rose and Glitter design, something I wouldn't normally do on my nails, but glad I have. The nail polish I used for this nail art is by Pearl Fashion, and I have never heard of them before, it took me ages to find the brand name on the bottle lol. I bought it ages ago from a market stall as I feel in love with the colour! For the glitter I used Beyond Opal by Hedy's Manishma, with I purchased from Cosmetic Fairy.  The roses I painted with OUMAXI Acrylic Paint. 
I can say I'm very proud of myself, as I did my right hand first, and not left handed so one hand always looks better than the other. But on this occasion, I didn't get the shakes with my left hand when I was free hand painting, and both hands look awesome :)  The Pearl Fashion Nail Polish was so nice to apply, could get away with one coat but I like two. I will definitely look out for more by this brand. 

Pearl Fashion in Lily Hot Pink.

Hedy's Manishma in Beyond Opal.

I cut masking tape into thin strips to get a straight swipe across the nail, painted with white polish first, then two coats of Lily Hot Pink. I applied three coats of Beyond Opal to the tip, just to get a nice sparkle. For the roses, I painted  flower shapes in a light pink acrylic paint, used green for the leaves, and white to detail the flower to make it look more like a rose. Top coat and done :) I was just in time, as the sun came out for me to take a photo :)
Do you like them? Would you, or have you tried this? Or have you heard or got any nail polish by Pearl Fashion? I would love to hear from you, and I always reply to any comment. Thanks for looking, and have a great weekend :) Oh before I forget, check out my Facebook page, as I did a micro bead nail art design on my practice hand last night, that took me 3 hours to do. 


Friday 19 July 2013

A week of Nail 7


So today is the last day in my Week of Nail Art :( it's gone so quick, been very hectic, but I have enjoyed every nail art design I have done and I hope you have too, even those that went wrong because of a top coat!! Today's design is a favourite of mine, but before I go into what it is, I just want to say I know I don't like patches on my nails that have small splits in them, but oh boy I was so glad I did have the patch on my right thumb nail!! While food shopping this morning, I pick up a bottle of juice from the chiller cabinet and as I was putting it in the trolley, it slipped and the lid caught my thumb nail, it hurt so much that I dropped the bottle, and stood there looking at the nail to make sure it hadn't split anymore, was getting weird looks, but I didn't care lol. So I thank the patch for saving my nail, as I would have cried and left my shopping there to come home. Anyway enough of me waffling on, back to the last design of this week. A patchwork nail art, using Beauty UK Glam Nail Polish. I have done this design before, but I think is so awesome it had to be included in this week.

From left to right: Fucshia, Gobstopper, Bright Orange, Yellow Peril and Jelly Bean.

I wanted to try these nail polishes for this design, as they look so bright and wicked when I water marbled them. As always, I started by painting my nails with two coats of white polish, and then in random places of each nail, painted a spot of each colour. Then added tiny stitch marks with black acrylic paint and a thin detailing brush. Check out here if you want a more detailed tutorial on this design. If you do have a go, I would love to see your photos, feel free to post them on my Facebook Page. 

Just look how this Glam Nail Polish pops in the sun :) I'm so in love with these nail polishes, great job Beauty UK :) If you haven't got any of these I so recommend them. You can purchase them from Superdrug, who are doing a 3 for 2 and free delivery from their web site till the 30th July, or direct from Beauty UK. Well that's it the week is over, but I'll be back tomorrow with my normal Saturday nail art, so till then thank you so much for reading, and staying with me for this Week of Nail Art :)


Thursday 18 July 2013

Water Marble Stickers

How I Water Marble my toes

Hello all, I really wasn't planning on being back here again so soon! But I was asked on my Facebook Page how I water marbled my toes. So the easiest way for me to explain was to show by photos how I do it. Now I'm not claiming this to be my own idea, as I have seen a few videos with it down this way, I just do something different to these videos to make it easier for me, and now I'm going to share with all of you lovely people. So if you want to try it, feel free to have a go, and I'd love to see photo's, just post them on my page on Facebook :) I don't claim to have the best looking feet in the world either lol, but when you think of all they go through, does anyone ha ha.

This was a design I did the other week, using the method I'm about to explain. The first time I water marbled my toes, I did it the same way I do my fingers, but without taping, and I can say it was a disaster, and the clean up was terrible!! For this tutorial I'm showing the finished result on swatch nail sticks, as I'm loving what I have on my toes at the moment :)

It is basically the same procedure as when you do you fingers, here I'm using MUA in Fever Red, Bold Blue and Bright Coral. Dropped polish in to make a ring of colours and drew a pattern using an orange stick.

You can see four nails behind the cup already painted with two coats of white polish, I did four different designs which you will see at the end. To make the stickers, you will need some plastic, like a folder for keeping paper in, I'm using disposable icing bags, that I had left over from when I used to decorate cakes. These work really well. Cut into pieces large enough to fit in the top of the cup of water, and when you have your design lay a piece on top the nail polish, and carefully push down, using tweezers slowly pull out.

Leave to dry. Now the thing I do different, is to paint clear nail polish over the design, as I think it makes it easier to take off the plastic, and more manageable when your applying to your nails.

Slowly peel the polish away from the plastic, I find using tweezers to lift the edges is easier, till the whole design comes away. Paint a thin coat of top coat over the nail, and place the sticker over and push down. Do this lightly, as the more you touch the wet nail polish under the sticker will soak through and ruin all your hard work.

Now I'm just doing this to show you how I do it, but for your own nails you can carefully cut the sticker so it isn't too big. Nail polish remover will remove any excess around the nail, but here I had to use a nail file, and pull away with tweezers. It does seem like a lot of bother just for your toes, but if your after something different, give it a go. Here are all the different design I did, and even one that went wrong! I wasn't going to include it, but thought I would to show you :)

I hope you liked this tutorial, and found it easy enough to understand :) Emmerdale is on soon, so I'm off lol Thanks for reading, and I'll be back sometime tomorrow..


A Week of Nail 6


I'm here again, with day 6 of my Week of Nail Art. I'm actually surprised I had time to do my nails today. After two trips to the shops and to B & Q so my Hubby could get some bits for the garden. I also knew the nail stickers I applied yesterday would be a pain to remove, and boy I wasn't wrong!! After filling them and with nail polish remover, filling again, my nails were eventually clean. I didn't want to use my normal foil method, as I have been doing my nails every day since last Saturday, and some are patched, and I didn't want to have to start replacing patched aswell.
So for today's nail art, I have done a white and rainbow polka dot design. I started my appling two coats of whit polish, and then a matte top coat, only as I wanted to see what matte white looks like.

Not bad as it goes, but then it is all down to personal preference. For the rainbow dots I wanted bright colours, and used  Cairuo Nail Polish, which I reviewed here. I also decided to do different size dots. The one thing I wasn't aware of with these nail polishes was that they are scented, how I never really noticed before, I have no idea lol, but I can really smell all the scents now, and not that's its over powering, but I'm hoping it fades soon :) but then I will be taking it off tomorrow for the last nail design for this week. 

If you have young children you will get were I am coming from lol but this design reminds me of Mr Tumbles Spotty Bag, from the kids TV programme Something Special. Looks so bright in the sun with the white nail polish. Well time for a cuppa now I'm done :) Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you again tomorrow for the last design in my Week of Nail Art...


Wednesday 17 July 2013

A Week of Nail 5


Hello :) I really can't believe how quick this week is going, and that I'm on day 5 already of my Week of Nail Art. After yesterdays one, where my top coat smudged the stamped design, was glad to be doing another today! I said it would bug me, and it did so much I took it off late last night, so my nails were all ready for today. I chose a Matte black, Nail Sticker and Dots design. Sounds a lot on one nail, but looks wicked :) To me I think buying a Matte Top Coat works out better and cheaper than buying Matte Nail Polish. As you can Matte any polish you already have, I have a few different makes of Matte top coat, by Rimmel, MNY Maybelline New York and George at Asda! I was aware that Asda sold nail polish, and when I was there a while back and they were only £1 each, I bought the last two. So I started out by painting my nails with two coats of Rimmel polish in Black Cab, and used the George Matte, two coats also.

Not a bad top coat for a Supermarket brand, I would but it again. Nice size brush and to apply, no smell and dries really quick. The nail stickers I used are Full Nail Sticker by Pink Tease, and I cut them into thin strips, enough for two for each nail.

Was tricky getting them where I wanted them on my nails, and even snapped some and cut more! I used a matte top coat again, to stop the sticker from peeling off. Would have used a normal top coat, but I'm after a matte nail design.

They look awesome just like this, but I wanted to add a shiny black polka dots down the middle of each nail, again with Rimmel in Black Cab.

Such a dramatic effect for something so simple and easy to do.  A bit 'Rock Chick!' I'm wondering what other colours would look like in this design, or whether black looks the best. Would love to hear your thoughts on this. Thank you for reading, I hope you are enjoying this, as much as I am doing it :) See you all again tomorrow...


Tuesday 16 July 2013

A week of Nail 4


For today's nail art, I have done an ombre sponge design with MUA polish, with a lace stamped print on top with black and white polish, using Konad and Cheeky Plates,  for a different effect. Out of all the designs I have done so far for my Week of Nail Art, these have to be my least favourite. It has nothing to do with the MUA polish, it was the top coat I used when I finished that smeared the stamping design, and you can see this more with the black lace print than the white. Now I would normally have taking this off and started again, but as I will be doing another design tomorrow, I will leave it on, although it will bug me so much!! Anyway I used a makeup sponge, and painted the polish on, then sponged it onto my nails, took four times of doing this to get a nice effect, but the polish dries very quickly. The top coat I normally use after I have done stamping on my nails, run out, so I thought I would try a different one. I normally use La Femme top coat, the one I used was by Maybelline. So least I know now. Time for photos....

Thinking on it now I wish I hadn't done the lace stamping, as The MUA polish looked awesome on its own, but if you don't try you don't know lol.
Thanks for reading and feel free to comment :) See you again tomorrow..


Monday 15 July 2013

A Week of Nail 3


Well I'm back again with another nail art, can't believe I'm on day 3 all ready! Hope you all had a good weekend, and enjoying this beautiful sunshine :) So onto today's nail art in my Week of Nail Art. I must admit I did think it would harder for me to find the time do this every day, but fingers crossed, so far so good :) I have done a 2true Salon Shine and Funny Faces nail art. The hardest thing with this one was the freehand painting, making sure the faces looked the same on my nails. The good thing with acrylic paint is you can wash it off with water if you make a mistake, where as with nail polish you would have to do the entire nail again. 

This is a lovely polish, great coverage with one coat, and applies to nice to the nail. Dries pretty quick to :)
The colours look pretty in the bottle, but are even more amazing on nails. I applied two coats, and no top coat. The shine in the sun is awesome :)

Now for the freehand faces. I'm still new to this, but better than I was first was ha ha. I painted the faces on my nails, so the same face was on the same nail on both hands, I really hope that makes sense lol. They have come out really good, well I'm happy with them! I did use a top coat, just to stop the acrylic paint washing off, when my hands are in water. Here is the finish result....

I'm so glad the sun's shining, as it makes taking photos so easy, and look better. What do you think? Feel free to comment, and I will reply. That's all for today, and I'll see you all again tomorrow :)
Thanks for reading..


Sunday 14 July 2013

A week of Nail 2


So here I am again, with the second day in my Week of Nail Art. I was planning something simple, but different and colourful today, as I was going to be doing the Kesha dollar sign inspired nails aswell. But I did those yesterday, and the photo is on my Facebook page. For this I used Barry M Black polish, sponged over with Barry M Magenta Glitter polish, and then free hand painted the dollar sign with Beauty UK Posh Polish in Topaz. Anyway back to today's nail art. Its not so much of a nail art, but something I wanted to include in this week. I have seen many photos of Rainbow Crackle nails, but these are created by painting the nails with rainbow colours first and then painting black crackle polish over the top. Well my one is the other way round. A while back I bought some Rainbow Crackle Polishes, the blog post is here.I decided to mix it up a bit, so after painting my nails with two coats of black polish, I side swiped the crackle polish on my nails, using five different colours, making a crackle rainbow on each nail. Even mixed the colours round so each nail is different in colour. I didn't use a top coat with these, as I think crackle polish looks better without it. Not sure if I mentioned this in my blog post on these polishes, but they look darker when applied to the nail, and dry much brighter. Giving a neon crackle effect :)

I wasn't a big fan of crackle polish, but with these, and the MUA Glitter ones, I have been converted lol. What do you think of this crackle design? I'm off to sit in the garden for a while :) enjoy the rest of your weekend. Thank you for reading, and I'll be back lol with another design tomorrow :)


Saturday 13 July 2013

A week of Nail 1


Hey all, hope you are all well. So I decided to do a Week of Nail Art. I have seen many blogs on 'a Week of Polish', but me being me lol, wanted to take it a step further! I don't know if anyone has actually done this before, or I am the first. It will be a hectic week, with it being the last week at school before the Summer Holiday's, but I'm determined to do this!!

So for the first one today, I have done a water marble, using Jesse's Girl Nail Polish. 

These polishes work extremely well for water marbling, and spread so easy in the water, making the design I wanted to do even easier :) I have never tried a full flower for my nails, always used just half for a petal design. After painting my nails with two coats of white polish, and taping off I started. Well even I was amazed at how quick I was finished, and I put it down to the polish spreading so well. As I'm no water marbling expert. Here is the finished result, after a bit of cleaning up and a top coat.

Such a pretty flower design :) 
What do you think about my Week of Nail Art?
I'll be back tomorrow with the next design, and even painting some Kesha dollar sign inspired nails for my daughter and her friend tomorrow, as they are going to see Kesha in concert on Monday :) So tomorrow will be a busy day!!!

Till then have a great Saturday :) Thanks for reading..


Tuesday 9 July 2013

Practice Hand

Nail Art Practice Hand

Hello again :) Just a quick post today, as I wanted to share something I bought myself to practise doing nail art. A practise hand! There are many reasons to why I bought this. The nail art I do at the moment are on fake nails glued to cocktail sticks, and although many people do this, I'm becoming fed up of gluing the sticks the the nails lol, I have used nail wheels, but find that when I only want to do one or two designs, its hard to get a good photo, as I don't want the whole nail wheel in the picture. Also have the single nail swatching sticks, but they are so expensive to keep replacing. At least with this practise hand, I only need fake nails, and a small piece of white tak!! I'll explain why later. The last reason was I'm so used to painting my own nails, that when it comes to me painting someone else's I get the shakes!! It was the same when I made and decorated cakes, when it came to a really delicate part of decorating, my hands would shake lol.

So here is that hand, I dread to think what my postman though when he delivered it lol as it wasn't in a box!!
The fake nails tips are suppose to fit into each finger tightly, but after I trimmed and shaped to fit, they kept falling out. So this is where the white tak comes in, Just a small piece under each nail tip stuck it nice.

This is what it looks like with the nails attached. You can make out the white tak under, but it will be covered by nail polish. Might be a pain if I want to try a French Manicure design, but I'll work with it and see how it goes. This will also make for better photos of nail art I try :) I haven't tried yet, but as soon as I do, I'll be posting photos to my Facebook page.
Oh its also reusable, so  bonus :)

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below, I always reply to anyone who leaves a comment.
Enjoy the rest of your week, and I'll be back again on Saturday :) Till then, thanks for reading :)


Saturday 6 July 2013

Holographic Nail Polish

Holographic Nails

Hello all :) I really couldn't decide what to do on my nails today. As I was loving the water marble stripes I did with Beauty UK Glam Nail Polish. But I always do my nails on a Saturday, so have been thinking for a few days on what I could do. Then it came to me lol, another beautiful day here in the UK :) and its set to last for a bit, and I've been waiting for wall to wall sunshine to try out the Perfect Holographic Nail Polish I bought back in February. They were the first thing I blogged about when I started :) Then came the choice of what colour to use! Being someone who likes to be 'out there' with my nail designs, I decided to use all the eight Perfect Holographic and two Golden Rose Paris. So a different colour for every finger lol.

I wont go on about them to much, as I already have before, but they are so awesome. Hard to catch their beauty in the bottles, but on the nails its a different story. Nice to apply, streaks with the first coat, but after the second, they are just amazing. I applied three coats of each. Its said you can't use a top coat with Holographic Polish, as it makes it loose its holographic qualities, but I used Sally Hansen 30 second Insta-dri Top Coat, and it made no difference at all!! The Golden Rose Paris are not a strong holographic polish, but you can definitely see an effect. The ones by Perfect are a strong holographic polish.

How awesome they look, and for the cheapest Holographic Polish I bought, even more of a bonus. Now I'm not normally one to leave my nails plain, but don't want to ruin these beauties ha ha. I may do a lace design on the tips, not sure yet. If I do I will post another photo, so keep checking back just in case. But for now I'll leave you with the video I took of them...

Would love to hear what you think of these nail polishes. Have you heard of Perfect, or even got any yourself?
Hope you all have a fab weekend. Thanks for reading :)


Tuesday 2 July 2013

Beauty UK Glam Nails

Beauty UK Water Marbling

I'm back to do another review on Beauty UK Glam Nails Nail Polish. The lovely people at Beauty UK sent me four of their Glam Nails polish to to a water marbling review :) I had my nails all ready prepared with two coats of white polish for this review. Beauty UK can be purchased online here,or from Superdrug. All at reasonable prices. I already have their Posh Polish, which, as all their nail polish is awesome. Not many nail polishes work well for water marbling, but Beauty UK works like a dream, and there are so many colour combinations to do. The colours I chose, and were sent to me for this review were Yellow Peril, Bright Orange, Fuchsia and Gobstopper. I already had Jelly Bean, and knew right away these colours would look so nice together. I couldn't wait to get started :)

One coat of each polish swatched over white polish, just look how awesome they look :) They rock!!

Just looking at the colours standing next to each other, just makes me think of Summer :) So bright and colourful. The next thing I'm going to try with these is an ombre rainbow design, and thinking with the sun due to make another appearance soon, adding a bit of bling with Posh Polish Twinkle Twinkle, a wicked holographic glitter top coat.. They were lovely to apply, went on the nail so smoothly, and no streaking! Even  Yellow Peril didn't steak, like most yellow polishes do.

Two coats of white polish, as this really makes bright colours pop and look brighter. Filled a paper cup with room temperature bottled water, and an orange stick to draw the design in the polish.

I did a video tutorial on YouTube, to make it easier to see what I'm doing.
This is how both hands came out, after I removed the masking tape and cleaned up. Shame there was no sun today, but still looks pretty.

I would have left my nails like this, but I had been planning on doing funny face nail are for a while, and couldn't resist lol.....

Using black acrylic paint, and a thin nail art brush, I painted a different face on each nail. Even got complimented when I went to get my daughter from school!!

What do you think? Have you tried water marbling with Beauty UK nail polish? If you have or you do, I would love to see your photos, just post them to my Facebook page.
Thanks for reading, and I reply to any comments too :)


Never normally do this, but I was so impressed with how bright and vibrant these colours were, and how well they water marbled too, I did another one!! Used two colours for each nail and made a stripey pattern.

Which colour combinations do you like the best?


Monday 1 July 2013

Jesse's Girl Water Marble

Jesse's Girl Nail Polish

Hey all, its been a lovely day here again, and the sun always makes me want to try new nail art designs. But this time instead of free hand or stamping nail art, I decided to see what nail polishes from my collection would water marble. I already know that some I have do, but I haven't tried some makes of polish. Jesse's Girl was the one that came to mind, I have already done a post on the Jesse's Girl polish here, which I bought from Cosmetics Fairy. 

These where the four colours I chose to use, as I think they complement each other really well. I started out by painting nails with two coats of white polish. A paper cup of room temperature bottled water, and an orange stick. Anything with a sharp point will do, to draw pattern in the polish.
Drip the polish into the water, one colour at a time, until you are happy with the bulls eye of colours. These polishes work really well, and spread nicely in the water :)

Then with a light touch, draw pattern in the polish....

Dip nail into part of the pattern you like the best, and clean up the excess polish from the surface of the water.

My nails are white ready for me to do a water marble nail art tomorrow, and I accidentally dipped the tip of my own nail in the water lol.. Pull out from the water slowly, to avoid water bubbles on the nail, and the finished effect is awesome :)

The middle design is the one I made with the pattern above, the others where by drawing a different pattern in the water.

Have you tried Jesse's Girl for water marbling? What Jesse's Girl colours do you have? I was lucky to find them :)

Thanks for reading :)