Thursday 31 March 2016

Nail Vinyls

Rainbow Animal Print 

Hello all, as I'm finished with most of my major reviews, I now have time to do my own thing on my nails. Over the past few months I've seen many beautiful mani's done with nail vinyls and wanted to try them myself. So a while back I bought some from eBay, and they have been sitting in my nail art draw doing nothing, as I have been too scared to try them and fluff up lol.
Well today this has changed!!
I made a rainbow gradient over white polish with Vivien Kondor Neon Polishes. 

These are the animal print vinyls, you only get 6 of each design, but they are very pretty.

I sponged on the black polish, so not to over paint the colour, and carefully peeled off the vinyl. Apart from the splodge on my thumb, I'm really happy with these.

I don't know why I waited so long to try nail vinyls, and need to get some more lol.

I hope you like these as much ad I do. What vinyls have you used?
To next time, stay safe and much love....

Wednesday 30 March 2016

Inspired by Nails

Rainbow Glitter Nails

Hello everyone, today's mani is something I've been wanting to try since I watch a video on Youtube by Simply Nailogical. The only trouble was I didnt have any Sharpie Pens, and the only ones I had were some cheapy permanent markers from my local pound shop. So I thought I'd try anyway. 
I started with a peel off base and then applied 2 coats of a silver holographic polish that I mixed together with 2 old polishes. 

This peel off base from Miss Sporty is my favourite,  dries quickly and peels off in one piece. These 2 polishes were almost empty so I mixed them :)

I totally forgot to take a photo of my silver holo base, as I was so in grossed with doing this mani!! 
Anyway as it turned out, although colourful,  2 of the permanent markers looked to dark on the finished result. The topcoat help bring them together a bit more, but I wasn't happy with it.

I know it somewhat defeated the object of applying a holo base, but I ended up adding a holo topcoat to dull the colours slightly. I'm liking this look much better. I also walked to the shops in the rain just to buy some highlighter pens to try this again!!

It's such a clever and easy mani to do, thank you to Simply Nailogical for sharing her wonderful nails.
Stay safe and much love....

Tuesday 29 March 2016

Rimmel Super Gel Polish

I treated myself to these polishes from Rimmel as they were 3 for 2 in Superdrug. I have 5 colours to share with you, so grab a drink as this will be a photo heavy post.

These are classed as a 2 step gel polish without the need to cure them under a lamp. You apply the colour (step 1) then the topcoat (step 2) and are said to last for 14 days. As I change my polish every day I will wear each of the 5 colours on my cindy hand one colour per nail and let you know how well this polish wears. I will post a photo on my Instagram.
Blue Babe.
This is a pretty shade, that in certain lighting looks almost purple. The brushes on these polishes are a nice size to apply the polish in only a few strokes. It seems self leveling and dries pretty quickly. The topcoat really does have a super glossy finish, just like a gel mani.
Rock N Roll
This is one absolutely amazing shade of red, that applied like a dream. Rock N Roll is one of my favourites from the 5 colours o bought. Just look at it with the topcoat.
In the sun
Angel Wings
A proper girly pink with a slight silver shimmer. The first coat did seem streaky with this one, but with a second coat looked perfect. Maybe because it's a light colour.
Darling Dahlia
Not a true red, but this one definitely a stunning colour, and beautiful for the Summer (when it arrives lol) These polishes have a shiny finish on their own...but they sure come to life with the topcoat.
Before topcoat 
Urban Purple
My second favourite from these 5. It belongs to the purple family, but not a true purple. It's more of a wine red shade, but an absolutely stunning colour.
Overall my first impressions of these 2 step gel polishes are a good one. The colours are beautiful,  brush size makes for easier application and the glossy finish is stunning. The only one thing if anything is the price, at £5.99 it's a bit pricey especially when you need to buy the topcoat aswell. I only purchased these as they were on a special offer. And of course I can't comment on how well they wear as I'm only on day 2. But it's looking good so far.
I will update on the wear as I said earlier, but let me know below if you've tried these.
Thank you so much for stopping by and until next time stay safe and much love...

Monday 28 March 2016

Madam Glam Gel Polish

Rich Cornell 

Hello lovelies. Today is just a quick post on a surprise polish I received from Madam Glam. The gel polishes I have tried so far are stunning so I was excited to see this beautiful glitter/shimmer gel in the most gorgeous colour. I wouldn't say it red, more or a burnt orangey brown. I also received some foil soak off patches a nail file and cuticle stick.

Prepared nails as you do for gel polish application, then applied 2 coats of Dark Cornell curing for 30 seconds in between each coat.

Look at this amazing shine and such a beautiful colour,  the shimmer is awesome!
For the removal I buffed the shine from each nail and put some acetone on the white pad.

Wrapped around my finger and left for about 15 minutes.

On taking the foil off my finger the majority of the gel polish had come off, the rest I removed with a cotton pad and acetone. Not scraping so no damage to my natural nails. As I know it's hard to tell my my middle finger is patched due to a major nail catastrophe last week when I was too lazy to patch a tiny split and the whole tip came off!! I was able to stick it back on and file my nails shorter. It's holding very well :)

You can find Madam Glam over on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.
Have you tried their Gel polishes, let me know down below.
Stay safe and much love

Sunday 27 March 2016

Moyou Nails Stamping

Spring, Easter and an Anniversary 

Hi guys happy Easter Sunday. Today's post is a 3 in 1 stamping for the Big Blogger Challenge using Moyou Nails plates, polishes and stampers all of which I will link so you can find them easier. 
So I have and Easter mani, a Spring Flowers mani and a special mani, as today is my Wedding Anniversary. 23 years ago today I married my wonderful husband. We have had our ups and downs, but who doesn't. 4 gorgeous children and a beautiful granddaughter. 
So first, my Easter Egg nails. I made a smooshing base using Moyou Nails Polishes in white, pink and blue and Moyou Nails Square Stamper.

I stamped the eggs with Moyou Nails Black Polish and Square Stamping Plate 407.

Such a colorful base for all of these egg images, that have so much detail and I love all the different designs.
For my Spring Flowers, I started with a blue base. Moyou Nails Polishes are amazing for painting your nails, only need one coat and dry quickly. I sponged over some white polish to make a hazy day look. The image I stamped in green with Square Stamping Plate 405. I like how this looks but wanted to add some colour. I used Moyou Nails Clear Jelly Stamper to line the image at the tip of each nail.
So I painted over the flowers with white, then with different coloured Moyou Nails Polishes.
I love the matte look of this mani, it looks almost water colourish.
Finally my Wedding Anniversary nails. With my nails painted with one coat of Moyou Nails White, I sponged Emperor's Gold over the top and stamped in black from Moyou Nails Concept Plate 306.
 I made single red rose decals using Moyou Nails Concept Plate 301 and added to each nail.

I really like the glossy finish once top coated, but wanted too see how it would look with a matte topcoat.
I definitely prefer this mani with a matte finish.
I really hope you liked these 3 manicures and if you wanted to recreate them, please do and give me a shout out. You can also get 20% discount on MoyouNails by using my code at the checkout.
And don't forget to check out Moyou Nails on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.
Till next time stay safe and much love....