Friday 31 May 2019

Charlies Nail Art

Colours of Fall

Zoom....another week has flown past, and I finish my week of reviews with these full nail wraps in an Autumn leave design. I know we are no longer in the falling leaves season (plus I need a good few months of warm sunny days lol) but I was sent these to review by Charlies Nail Art.
So for these Colours of Fall nail wraps this week, I used them to only cover part of each nail, over a black base. I then dotted along the join with golden shades of polish to finish the look.
And sealed with a matte top coat.
These wraps are only 89p and will be cheaper still if you use my discount code BNM15 to get 15% off your order over on the Charlies Nail Art website.
You can also keep update with them over on
FacebookInstagram and Twitter
Plus look out for next weeks post as I have some fabulous new items!
Stay safe and much love.....

Thursday 30 May 2019

Nail Artisan Cosmetics

Indie Polish Glitter Topper 

How exciting, as there is not long to go now till these gorgeous Indie Polishes from Alexandra at Nail Artisan Cosmetics are available to purchase. And to finish off with my final review I have Northern Lights glitter topper.
A 10ml bottle of flakie shimmer awesomeness in a clear base. The rainbow holo effect is just so beautiful.

The flakes are well dispersed through this topper that made application easy, not really having to dab my nails with the brush to cover my nails.
And it looks so pretty over any base colour. Here swatched over Audra.
Swatched over Lynn.
And finally over my water marbling.
So this concludes my posts on the Indie polishes I was kindly sent to try and give my honest opinion.
All hand blended, 10 free, cruelty free and vegan friendly. Highly pigmented and so nice to apply with self leveling and quick dry time.
20 cremes priced st £5.99 each.
6 Multichrome collection priced at £7.99 each or the full Dusk till Dawn set for £42.50.
Release date 31st May at 8pm GMT.
Would I recommend these! Oh yes, they are such high quality and the choice of colours and finishes is amazing, the cremes stamp and water marble!
 So be sure to check out Nail Artisan Cosmetics website tomorrow and keep up to date with them on Instagram.
Stay safe and much love.....

Wednesday 29 May 2019

Nail Artisan Cosmetics

Indie Polish Swatch, Stamping and more...

Okay by now from all my posts you are aware of a brand new Indie Polish brand coming very soon. Available from 31st May Alexandra from Nail Artisan Cosmetics is releasing some gorgeous, pigmented creme polishes and a 6 set Multichrome collection called Dusk till Dawn, which can also be purchased separately. Plus a glitter topper called Northern Lights. 
So today I have the final creme shade I was kindly sent to try out and give my honest opinion. 
I present to you Daisy, a super pretty bright (but not neon) yellow creme. A perfect Summer shade. 
I normally find some yellow polishes can be a pain to apply, with dragging and streaking, I'm so happy to say I had no problems with the application of Daisy. Perfect opaque in 2 coats, and a great finish even before top coat!
I stamped with Kiara, which added a delicate and subtle look.
Now to my favourite technique and exciting part of this post! Water I will honestly admit I really didn't think these cremes would water marble, from my first impression of them after watching. But never the less I had a go using Daisy and Lynn. Oh boy did I eat my words lol, just look ..
Then I tried with all the cremes, Olga, Audra, Lynn, Kiara and Daisy and created this..
Here's how it looks on my nails.. Check out my IG video to see my create this mani .

Finally with the glitter topper Northern Lights.
My final test was stamping the same creme shades over white, and as you can see they picked up and stamped perfectly.
All in all an amazing range of creme colours, there are other shades too so be sure to check them out on the release date over on the Nail Artisan Cosmetics website.
Application of them all was super smooth and self leveling, plus a nice dry time and finish before top coat, super pigmented and I'd highly recommend them.
Not forgetting I Give Good Base base coat,  I Like it On Top top coat and Matte For It matte topcoat.
You can keep to date with Nail Artisan Cosmetics on Instagram.
I have one more post for tomorrow, so till then, stay safe and much love....

Tuesday 28 May 2019

Nail Artisan Cosmetics

Indie Polish Swatches 

Hello, and hope I find you all well. I'll get right into this post as I have another 2 indie polishes from Nail Artisan Cosmetics.
This brand new Indie range consists of a core collection of creme polishes, a top coat, base coat and matte topcoat, a gorgeous glitter topper, plus a 6 multichrome polish set called Dusk till Dawn, these can also be purchased singularly. They are 10ml bottles, hand blended, 10 free, cruelty free and vegan friendly. 
The top, matte and base coat polishes are available now over on the Nail Artisan Cosmetics website, these newer polishes are only being revealed to tease you lol, but will be available to purchase from 31st May.
So onto the 2 I've swatched.
First is another Multichrome from the Dusk till Dawn collection, called Elusive Twilight. It's a stunning green with a blue/ purple shift.

Swatched with 2 coats and the fast dry topcoat called I like it on Top, this is absolutely gorgeous, and just look at the awesome shift in colour! Application was smooth and seems self leveling.
I then added Matte for It matte top coat. The finish is super pretty and the colour shift of blue and purple can still be seen.
This is Kiara, a stunning Cornflower Blue creme. Starting with I Give Good Base, I then applied 2 coats of this creme. Application is so nice, and these cremes are beautifully pigmented.

I just had to show you all how amazing the matte top coat is!
Such a smooth feel and the perfect matte finish.
As I mentioned before these indies are available from 31st May, priced at
Cremes £5.99 each, Multichromes £7.99 each or the full 6 Dusk till Dawn collection is £42.50.
You can find and follow Nail Artisan Cosmetics on Instagram.
Plus look out for my reveal post tomorrow as I'll sharing my water marbling and stamping tests with all the creme polishes I have.
Stay safe and much love......

Monday 27 May 2019

She Modern

Pigments, Stencil and Water Decals 

It's a lazy Bank Holiday Monday here, but my reviews still continue! I tried out some more pigments from She Modern along with another Stencil and foil water decals, to create a very striking look.
Red, blue and purple Pearlescent Shimmer Pigments with the Line Stencil and finished off with the Decorative 3 foil water decals.
To apply the pigments to my nails I used foil glue. The overall finished look is just fabulous.

You can see the gorgeous smooth finish even without the use of gel, so absolutely fantastic if like me you can't wear gel, you can still use all these pigments from She Modern!

You can find and follow She Modern over on
Facebook and Instagram.
Stay safe and much love.....

Sunday 26 May 2019

Nail Artisan Cosmetics

 New Indie Polishes

I don't normally post of a weekend anymore, but as I'm continuing on with the first reveal swatches for a brand new Indie polish brand from Alexandra at Nail Artisan Cosmetics, hello weekend!
Some gorgeous shades have been revealed already and I have another 2 today.
These polishes are hand blended, 10 free, cruelty free and vegan friendly in 10ml bottles.
The first shade is called Dawned on Me, a Multichrome Lavender polish that shifts to blue, green and purple. 
I started with I Give good Base, then swatched with 2 coats and finished with I Like it on Top. The application was so smooth and the finish is just fabulous!

I needed to see what a matte finish was like so applied 1 coat of Matte for It, and just take a look for yourselves. Its absolutely stunning!
Before I move on to the next polish, I quickly tried stamping with it and can announce it stamps perfectly. The top coat also doesn't smear stamping.
And this is the shade I stamped with. Called Lynn, a very seductive medium red creme, with almost a dusky feel to it.
Perfectly opaque in 2 coats, and so rich looking. Application again was so nice and these polishes seem self leveling.

Another sneak peek at Northern Lights topper aswell!
I have done a water marble and stamping test with all the creme shades I have, and will share these with you very soon.
These polishes will be available to purchase from the Nail Artisan Cosmetics website from 31st May, and you can follow and like over on
The cremes are £5.99 each.
The Multichromes are £7.99 each or the set of 6 £42.50.
Keep a look out for the next 2 shades I have ready to reveal!
Stay safe and much love....

Friday 24 May 2019

Charlies Nail Art

Ocean Nail Wraps 

I can hardly believe today is the last day before the next school holidays! Plus a long weekend again, shame the weather is changing again, as its been warm and sunny the past few days. 
This brings me nicely to my Charlies Nail Art review today. 
I have some more full nail wraps, this time with a beach/ ocean theme. 
These Ocean Nail Wraps are only 89p.
For my nails I paired with a smooshy look and some 3D charms.
I can't keep raving about how much I love these wraps, and if you watched my video review last week, then you'll know how I apply these.
You can use my discount code BNM15 over on the Charlies Nail Art website and keep up to date with them on FacebookInstagram and
Stay safe and much love....