Thursday 30 June 2016

Moyou Nails Stamping

Square Stamping Plates 

Hey there! I'm here with my 2nd post showing you these Square Stamping Plates from Moyou Nails. I have used these plates in a different ways to create some unusual yet still pretty stamped nails. You can see my first post here, where I go into more detail about each plate. 
For my stamping I have used Moyou Nails Stamping Polishes, apart from one mani where I used Kleancolor Metallic Polishes to show that these stamp well with these Square Plates. 
So onto my 3 mani's. I taped my nails with striping tape to make a colour block look. I used Moyou Nails Neons for the colours. Taped off sections and stamped the small roses from plate 433. So effective and pretty. And a different look for a colour block mani.
This Oil Slick look was stamped with Kleancolor Metallics, I taped the top part of my nail and put blobs of different colours on the image to make a gradient stamp. Image is from plate 421. Love this look.
Lastly I made butterfly decals using plate
414. Taped my nails and painted the middle black. The white roses are from plate 415. Applied the butterflies and top coated. Again such a unique look.
These plates have all got some very pretty images and perfect for this type of stamping. I do tests on paper to see what colours work and those that don't.
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Stay safe and much love...

Wednesday 29 June 2016

Nail Stamping

Born Pretty Store 

In my package of bits to review from Born Pretty Store, I had a white and black stamping polish as well as a round stamping plate with such pretty Feather images. So today's review I have used all 3 items. 

This White stamping polish was absolutely amazing to use. It did seem a bit thick, but this didn't cause any problems when stamping, and this plate is so pretty.
The black polish wasn't as thick and stamped really well. I absolutely love this peacock feather!

Lastly I made reverse stamped decals, this feather image is perfect and super cute. Check my tutorial..

All in all these items are great.  I have many born pretty stamping plates that are awesome, as are the stamping polishes. 
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Stay safe and much love...

Tuesday 28 June 2016

Vivien Kondor

Holographic Polish Review 

I'm here with the last 3 Holographic  Polishes from Vivien Kondor to swatch. Luckily the sun came out to play when I tried these beauties! You can see my first post here, if you missed it.
I have swatched all over a base coat and with no topcoat. 
The 2nd blue from the collection called Royal Blue. Is a mid tone shade and very pretty. This one took 3 coats, but as the drying time is good, I didn't mind.

Now this colour is either Mocha or Sunset Gold. As these polishes do not come with names on them and I find the out from the web site, it was hard for me to determine what the correct shade is. But even so it's a lovely colour with a beautiful holo sparkle. Shown here with 2 coats and no topcoat.

Lastly is the black called Noir. This is a gorgeous polish that is sheer with the first coat, but the second makes it opaque. The holo isn't as strong, but still very pretty looking.

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Stay safe and much love...

Monday 27 June 2016

Nail Vinyl Review

Angel Nail Studio

Hi guys, the start of another week and I'm here with a review on some nail vinyls I was kindly sent by Angel Nail Studio. These vinyls were package very well and came very quickly. They also come in a cute envelope to store them in.

I've only ever used vinyls once before, so I was excited to try these, and for my first mani I have used the Spiral Vinyls.
I started by painting my nails white and applying latex to save on clean up. To this I made a rainbow gradient. 
I applied liquid latex again and carefully peel the spirals from the backing and place on my nails. Sponged over black polish and took the vinyl off.
Cleaned up and top coated glossy and matte, just to see the different finishes. I like them both. Then I added a holographic topcoat.

I found these vinyls so easy to use, a bit tricky at first, but once I got used to them it went better. I can't wait to try the others.
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Thank you for stopping by and until next time, stay safe and much love...

Saturday 25 June 2016

Soap Bubble Polish

Essence Effect Topcoat 

Hi all, just a quick post today on a new polish I purchased this morning from Essence. It's all called a Soap Bubble effect meaning when layered on top of another polish you get different shifts in colour. 
It was only £2 from Wilkinsons, plus I got a base coat and speed dry topcoat from the Essence range. I noticed they had a Metal range, but nothing too special and that I haven't already got. 
Anyway back to this Soap Bubble Polish.  I painted my nails black and topped with this polish.  The effect was noticeable right away.  A gorgeous purple shade, and the shift to blue, green and silver in certain lighting. 
Capturing this was hard, but here's my pics..

It would be interesting to see how this makes white polish and other colours look. Something I will be trying in the future. It dries quite quickly and leaves a smooth finish. Well worth £2!
Stay safe and much love....

Friday 24 June 2016

Charlies Nail Art Review

Flower Dangle Charms

Wow what a week! My daughter went camping with the school for 3 days, so the house was really quiet. It did mean I had more time to do my nails lol, even though some came straight off as I wasn't happy with them!!
So onto today's review for Charlies Nail Art.
I was unsure at first on the best way I could wear these Flower Dangle Charms, they are very pretty and unusual, but also delicate and needed a mani to match. 

You get 2 charms for £1.25. The flower petals have different coloured rhinestones in a gold casing, and the part the hangs down had a larger silver rhinestone. As you will see from my mani, I've used this charm as an accent and it's a nice size, not too big or small.

I wasn't expecting to like this mani as much as I do, and this would be great for a special night out, or even up coming School Prom.
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Till next time, stay safe and much love...

Thursday 23 June 2016

Square Stamping Plates

Moyou Nails 

Hello! I received these 5 Square Stamping Plates from Moyou Nails to review, but instead of doing my usual reviews like my previous (which you can find if you search my blog.) I wanted to show you how you can mix up your stamped mani's using different images, and making decals to cover parts of your nails. I'll still be reviewing and doing multi mani's but using a few of these 5 plates at a time. To start off you can see how the images look when stamped into paper. You can find them here, 414415420421 and 433.
I will add what plates I've used for each mani, and explain if needed how I created them. I will also be using Moyou Nails Polishes for my stamping and colouring in the decals. So let's start...
For the base stamping I used plate 420, and made butterfly decals using plate 414. I like how the butterflies look like they are fluttering through grassy flowers.
For this I stamped with Moyou Nails Silver and plate 420. Leaving the image on the stamper, I painted over with black polish and left to dry. Then peeled off and carefully cut the part of the image I wanted. Placed on my nails and finished off with black rhinestones.
Finally, and this is my favourite. I taped off 2 nails and used plate 421 for the base. I made seperate flower decals with plate 415. It took a while but I truly love the finished look with a matte topcoat.
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I'll be back soon with some more mani's and a shorter post lol :)
Stay safe and much love....