Friday, 9 September 2016

VB Line Gel Polishes

Glitter Gel Polishes

Happy Saturday, and yay for the weekend! The first back to school week is always the hardest, and now I can walk better after falling down the stairs, I was able to catch up on swatching the last 7 glitter gel polishes for VB Line.
407 Pink Grey Silver Glitter is a pink base packed full of silver glitters. A completely smooth finish and totally stunning.
397 Gold Yellow Glitter, a warm yellow jelly base with small gold glitters.
418 Light Green Silver Glitter, a lime green jelly base with silver glitters.
403 Brown Silver Glitter, is an unusal colour for a glitter polish, but surprisingly lovely. A chocolate brown with different size silver glitters.
398 Gold Yellow Glitter, is completely stunning, a gel packed full of micro gold glitter that almost looked holographic in the sun.
416 Dark Green Glitter is the perfect shade for a Christmas mani. Just beautiful.
420 Light Grey Silver Glitter. Totally cram packed full of silver glitters for total coverage, micro and larger hexagonal glitters that sparkle beautifully in the sun.
I'm super impressed by all the gel polishes I've swatched for VB Line, lovely to apply and cure quickly. Low to no odour and just the amazing glossy finish. The range of finishes and colours is just awesome. You should go have a look for yourselves, as there's a gel polish to suit everyone. or is were you can find them, and can use my discount code below to receive 25% off your order.
The next set of gels I'm reviewing are Chamelon, and I can't wait to start.
Stay safe and much love....