Monday, 5 September 2016

VB Line Gel Polishes

Colour Change Thermal

Busy busy swatching polishes still, and today I have 12 new gel polishes from VB Line. Also back to my normal daily routine now school has started again. Hope you are all well and enjoy this post, as I had fun playing with these gel polishes. As the weather was hot I had a hard time capturing the transition of colours in some of my photos, so make sure you check out my Instagram @tbellew18 to see these VB Line Thermals in action.
CH102 Blue Metallic, a super pretty blue on blue thermal, the colour transition from hot to cold is so nice. Darker blue when cold shifting to a lighter blue when hot.
CH101 Pink White Metallic is a delicate baby pink when cold that shifts to white when hot. It was so weird painting my nails, as my hands were warm the colour transition was happening in application! Pink on the brush but painting on white...
CH100 Purple Plum Metallic is a stunner! A gorgeous purple while cold that transitions to a very pretty pink shade.
CH096 Orange Yellow Metallic. A super Summer bright orange when cold, and a bright yellow when hot. Perfect for these sunny days.
CH097 Purple Blue Metallic is a purple tones blue while cold that when hot shifts to a lovely pinky purple colour. Simply stunning.
CH069 Pink White is a creme colour change gel from VB Line, with a pretty transition from light pink while cold to white when warmer.
 CH061 Blue White is another creme finish gel. But I'd say the thermal shift is from a mid blue when cold to a light baby blue when hot. Still super pretty.
CH038 Hot Red Orange was the hardest to photograph. It's has the most pretty colour shift from a vibrant red (cold) to Orange  (hot). Another creme finish.
CH053 Pink Purple is lush. Both shades a really pretty, with a super glossy creme finish.
CH047 Pink Dark Pink is a proper girly pink, almost Barbie Pink, with a stunning transition between the two shades.
CH009 Blue White Purple. Personally I don't agree with the name one this one, as I see a Purple Purple colour change. But hey, it's only a name! It in no way takes away the beauty of the polish. A truely gorgeous colour.
CH017 Rose White Pink. Is a delicate and elegant shade of peach to an off white when hot.
I had so much fun running my hands under got and cold water and watching the colours change like magic. The first time I've ever tried thermal colour change gel polish and they are all equally stunning.
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Stay safe and much love...


  1. Oh, I like! For some reason, it didn't occur to me that gel polishes could be thermals. That yellow to orange is perfect for fall!

    1. Thank you, they are all equally stunning x

  2. I love the yellow to orange! It makes me think of Candy corn!

  3. Rose white pink is perfect for everyday. It's just that little extra touch.

  4. I love that these are thermals AND gels!!

  5. These are all really gorgeous thermals! I also didn't realize that gels could be thermals! Great post!