Thursday, 22 September 2016

VB Line Gel Polish

Neon Glitter Gel Polishes 

Hi guys how are you all? Can you believe this week is almost over and how close we are to the end of the month!! As promised from yesterday's post here are the next 6 Neon Glitter Gel Polishes from VB Line. Another bunch of pretty pastel colours packed full with both different size, shape and coloured neon glitters.
1290 Light Pink Neon Glitter 
1296 Milk White Neon Glitter
1297 Milk Purple Neon Glitter
Here I just wanted to show how the glitters pop under my LED lamp! Like a disco on my nails...
1300 Milk Plum Neon Glitter
1299 Milk Grey Neon Glitter
1301 Milk Pink Neon Glitter
These neon glitters were nice to apply and looked better with the second coat. The glitters are nicely dispersed over nails and lay flat so the overall finish is smooth and glossy. I do understand that these gels wont be to everyones taste, its all about personal preference. As I have a new found love for glitters polishes, thanks to VBLine gels, I can admit i do have mixed feelings on these particular gel polished. These polishes can be found over on or, and my discount code below can be used on either of these websites when you place an order.

I have some absolutely stunning Cats Eye gels for some upcoming posts.
Stay safe and much love...