Wednesday, 7 September 2016

VB Line Gel Polishes

Glitter Gel Polishes 

Hi friends, hope I find you well. I'm good, just hobbling along after falling down the stairs trying not to step on a kitten! They are now 7 weeks old and into everything. I still managed to swatch some more gel polishes from VB Line, it just took me longer to take photos. So today I have 7 glitter gel polishes, that are absolutely stunning. I'm not normally a glitter person, but these gels have converted me!
406 Light Rose Silver Glitter has a pink base with pink micro glitters and larger silver glitters. The look of all these glitters is better with the second coat, and this one is beautiful. 
419 Light Green Silver has a lime green base with darker green micro glitters and silver strand glitters, which are slightly holographic making this a special gel polish.
401 Purple Yellow Glitter, has more of a sandy colouring packed with silver holographic glitters. It look super in the sun.
417 Light Green Glitter. A lighter been jelly base with green and silver glitters in, a very pretty shade, but I think it clashes with my skin tone.
399 Gold Yellow Glitter has a pretty lemon jelly base colour that's packed full is 2 sizes of silver glitter.
402 Grey Silver Glitter is utterly stunning. Completely packed full of silver glitters, micro, larger and strand. It was hard to capture the true beauty in a photo, but the glitters are nicely dispersed and holographic.
400 Gold Purple Glitter is crammed with a gold shimmer glitter base with larger hexagonal purple glitter. Sure does give this polish a different finish.
These gels have a low to no odour and cute in just 60 seconds with my LED Lamp . They are priced at £5.99 for an 8ml bottle. If you've liked any of the VB Line gel polishes I've swatched, use my discount code below.
On either or
You can also find them on eBay, and I'll have another 7 glitters for my next post.
Till them, stay safe and much love...


  1. Ohhh Light Green Silver is gorgeous!

  2. This brand is really innovative when it comes to gel polish and being outside the box!

  3. I think the Grey Silver Glitter is my favorite. There's just something about that one.

  4. I love Grey Silver Glitter! I hope you feel better soon x

  5. Gorgeous swatches! I really like Light Rose and Grey Silver.

  6. These are all just beautiful but Grey Silver Glitter is just amazing!

  7. Light green glitter is right up my alley!

  8. Gorgeous swatches! I love the grey silver glitter.

  9. I have yet to try a glitter gel - it looks like they smooth out better than glitter polishes.

    1. I wants a fan of glitter polishes, but glitter gels are so much better for me personally x

  10. Beautiful swatches! I'm loving the light rose silver in particular!

  11. These gel polishes are absolutely amazing. i'm so sorry to hear the kitties tried to trip you. :-(