Wednesday, 14 September 2016

VB Line Gel Polishes


Welcome, welcome to another post were I'll be sharing with you the first 7 Chamelon Gel Polishes from VB Line that I've swatched. These particular gels are all Stunning, with a lovely shimmer finish. The saying 'don't judge a book by its cover' is so true with these gels, for me personally, as there were some from this bunch that going by the colour top on the bottle lid I thought would clash with my skin tone. However I was presently surprised...

1624 Blue Chamelon Metallic, one of my favourite from these 7, has the most gorgeous blue to purple shift in certain lighting. 
1616 Purple Chamelon Metallic is a lovely colour, the transition of colour seemed to go to a dark grey almost black.
1625 Green Chamelon Metallic is an awesome deep sea green with a stunning finish. The colour shift was harder to spot with with gel.
1627 Gold Chamelon Metallic is the stunner from this bunch. Personally I'd say this was a light pink shade that in certain lighting shifts to the most gorgeous warm gold. So unique.
1623 Green Chamelon Metallic has a completely different look to the previous green, and seemed to transition to a deep blue.
1622  Purple Chamelon Metallic, to me is more of a mahogany colour, still completely gorgeous and perfect for Autumn, as the colour seemed to shift to a Brown.
1618 Green Chamelon Metallic, a bit like an olive green. Another great Autumnal polish. The colour shift was a bit harder to spot, but with a pretty shade like this I wasn't that bothered.
I would so recommend these gels to anyone who does their own nails, or even in a salon. The quality is just outstanding.
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I'll be back with the rest of the Chamelon gels collection soon.
Thank you so much for stopping by.
As always, stay safe and much love...