Thursday, 29 September 2016

Moyou London

Stamping Plate Review 

I'm so happy to be here with this stamping plate post. I've missed doing nail art, and this will be the first of 3 posts, each on a separate stamping plate from Moyou London. Today's plate is from their newest releases, the Trend Hunter Collection, and I have Trend Hunter 02.
So many pretty images perfect for making decals or stamping directly on your nails.
Each design is well etched and stamped perfect on paper.
So on closer inspection of this plate I decided to do 4 different mani's, each representing the four seasons of the year. Not only to show how lovely this plate is, but also how you can use it all year round.
First up is my Spring mani. I painted pastel colours and stamped with Moyou London White Knight.

Now my favourite month, Summer. For these I made reversed stamped decals, and applied to my nails with foil glue. I personally find this the easiest way to stick decals to my nails. Stamped using Moyou London Black Knight.

Again I made stamped decals for my Autumn mani. To make the leave show over my berry red base colour, once I'd filled them in with an Autumnal lead colour, I painted white polish. Using foil glue to attatch to my nails.

Finally Winter, or more a Christmasy look. With a glitter red base I stamped with a gold polish.

I love how versatile this plate is, and for each of my mani's I used Moyou London Marshmallow Stamper.
To round up I found this plate fun to use and both White and Black stamping polishes worked well.
Till my next plate review, stay safe and much love...