Wednesday, 28 September 2016

VB Line Gel Polishes

Cats Eye Magnetic Gel Part 2

If you liked my previous post on these gorgeous Cats Eye Gels from VB Line, then your sure to enjoy this post on the second 12. Another great selection of colours and all have a beautiful look with the magnetic shift. Lovely to apply and low to no odour. These gels apply like normal polish, and cure very quickly to a high gloss finish.

CE099 Cat Eye Burgundy Red
CE098 Cat Eye Dark Brown
CE112 Cat Eye Coral Red
CE080 Cat Eye Light Brown
CE019 Cat Eye Dark Purple Blue
CE050 Cat Eye Dark Brown
CE048 Cat Eye Dark Grey Green
CE069 Cat Eye Pink Red
CE008 Cat Eye Green Ocean
CE040 Cat Eye Dark Purple
CE134 Cat Eye Dark Grey Green
CE110 Cat Eye Dark Brown
Again some great Autumnal colours, and Christmas shades too. All with a beautiful magnetic shift that makes each of these truly beautiful. The glossy finish really does finish these gels perfectly, and the low to no odour makes them an awesome gel to use.
Head over to either or to find these polishes and don't forget to use my discount code below if you place an order. Fast delivery and superb customer service.
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  1. I've always loved magnetic polishes, I hope they're making a comeback!!

  2. I love these brown shades! I'm definitely feeling fall lately!

  3. I am loving every one of these magnetics!

  4. I am obsessed with the brown, magnetic polishes are my new jam!!

  5. Oh man, I need to get my hands on these! Magnetic polishes are absolutely fabulous!

    1. They truly are and if you buy from VB Line use my discount code :)